11 Things to Do on Alfie’s 37th Birthday

What better way for the city of Ottawa to celebrate number 11’s 37th birthday by relishing in these Alfie moments or by taking part in some necessary actions.

1) Enjoy watching this video of the Captain, one-punching Leafs legend Dougie Gilmour in a fight.

2) Remember the infamous Alfredsson faux sticktossing incident.

3) Watch this video of Alfie scoring the game winning goal in game five of the 2007 Eastern Conference Final against Buffalo.

4) Recall during the bankruptcy scare years how Alfie deferred his salary so that Ottawa could afford to retain and add some pieces for the stretch drive. It’s just unfortunate that Ottawa added Peter Bondra instead of an elite goaltender.

5) Screw Scott Niedermayer.

6) Alfie was the first Senator in modern history to win a major NHL award when he took home the Calder Trophy following the 1995-96 season in which he played in every game totalling 26 goals, 35 assists for 61 points.

7) Watch this memorable shift against Florida…

8) On March 29th, 2004 Daniel Alfredsson became the franchise leader in goals scored. Relive the memory through this video.

9) Sticking with the Tampa connection, on January 25th, 2008, Daniel Alfredsson put together a 7-point night.

10) Fans should start mailing their local city councillors in support of renaming Dalhousie, the street on which the Swedish embassy is located to Alfredsson Way. Think of it, it’ll be the first positive connotation that Dalhousie has had in years.

11) Darcy Tucker + Hit from behind by #11 + no penalty + Alfie scores the game winning goal on the same shift = priceless

Note to Readers:
I’ve received an email from the same reader who us tickets to the Washington Capitals game. He’s interested in selling tickets to next Wednesday’s Buffalo game. The seats are on the aisle in the upper 300 level and you’ll probably get a good seat behind Apollo 69. Considering how intense the rivalry with Buffalo has been lately, it should be a good divisional match up. Tickets I believe are about 40 bucks each, so if you’re interested, float us an email and we’ll put you in touch with the reader.