The 6th Sens Podcast — Episode III

The third episode of The 6th Sens podcast is now available for streaming or download at Itunes. On this week’s episode Tim’s back injury from week one affects his performance and Nichols calls him on it while Tim responds by ridiculing Nichols’ The 6th Zen philosophy.
This week the guys are joined by Michael Sharp from the Sharp on the Sens — A Binghamton Senators Blog and by the Ottawa Senators 2009 1st round pick, Jared Cowen.
Will the inclusion of these guests be enough to overcome the recent negativity that’s sucking the life out of the hosts? Download the newest podcast to find out.
Tracklist: Okkervil River Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe It Is; Dinosaur Jr Been There All the Time; The Replacements Bastards of Young; Broken Records If the News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It; The Broken West Down In the Valley; The Cure Boys Don’t Cry
*** Note: We had some technical difficulties with the Michael Sharp interview. We didn’t realize that there was a soundcheck layered over with the Michael Sharp’s interview when we exported the file. We tried to go back into the studio to salvage the audio but without the original raw audio data, we couldn’t remedy the problem. Consequently, the first 15-20 seconds of our interview with Sharp had to be edited out so when you listen to the podcast, you’ll have missed us exchanging pleasantries with Michael before we asked the question of how the team is doing. The interview will start with Michael discussing the various performances of some of Binghamton’s players like Josh Hennessey. On behalf of Tim, we apologize profusely for the inconvenience and we sincerely apologize to Michael. We’ll try and have Michael back on later in the season to check back in on the Baby Sens.