A Glorified Google News Seach – Here Are Your Links

  • I was looking for a good Leafs fan picture using Google’s image search and came across this beauty. There are so many cool things going on with it:
  • The lady at the top left of the picture, she reeks of bitch. It could be because the adolescent Sens fan on her left is gloating like any good Sens fan should.
  • Upset Fan with a sweet shitlocker going on. No seriously, check out that stomach.
  • The girlfriend/boyfriend date in the bottom right, yeah, she runs that relationship.
  • The guy with the Leafs jersey on the bottom left still can’t believe he spent on tickets to take his daughter to the game
  • Jose Theodore with the LA hat in the top row. Scott Gomez a little further down on the left.
  • That heap of jackets on the floor (right hand side) isn’t a pile of coats, it’s actually a fan vomitting after another bad Toskala goal

Before the Senators faced the Leafs in the second game of the season, I penned an article describing how Sens fans look forward to the Battle of Ontario as much as I would look forward to hearing Glenn Kulka read the phone book. Now there is statistical evidence to support the notion that the Battle of Ontario is dead. Yesterday, the Ottawa Senators announced today that fewer than 3,000 tickets remain for Tuesday’s 7:30 p.m. home game against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Scotiabank Place. Quick, somebody ask Neate Sager if this should be a condemnation of Sens or Leafs fans who no longer appear willing to pay premium package ticket prices to see two meddling clubs play.

And here’s my prediction for the game ce soir…

4-1 Ottawa

According to one website, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a 1.7% chance to make the playoffs. Playing against an Ottawa Senators squad that has only won one game in regulation in their past 10 games, their odds of victory are significantly higher. Even though Saturday afternoon’s shootout loss was a tough pill to swallow, Ottawa did play a complete game against the Rangers. That being said, predicting the outcome for a game that features two struggling goaltenders, Jonas Gustavsson Vesa Toskala and the return of Pascal Leclaire, is harder than figuring out how Leafs fans will cope when they hear the words, “And with the first selection, the Boston Bruins select Taylor Hall.” At least the game should be fun to watch. Ottawa desperately needs a victory and we haven’t had one of those sit on the edge of your seat with every shot that’s taken against us games in awhile.

To view the rest of the panel’s predictions over at the Ottawa Citizen, click here.

Remember that story that ran in the Ottawa Citizen on Sunday concerning the 10-year old boy who missed his first live NHL experience because his father never realized that the Rangers game had been bumped from 7pm to 2pm in the afternoon? Well the Citizen has printed a follow up to the story. Apparently Mattress Mart and the Senators organization have each provided Yehya Eldidi with a pair of tickets to attend future games, but not before his disappointment caused him to go to his bedroom and mimic the Sinead O’Connor SNL performance since he ripped up all his Senators trading cards and posters like they were pictures of the Pope.

If it becomes public knowledge that Eldidi ripped up any piece of paraphernalia that featured Alfie or his likeness, he should be tried for high treason.

Speaking of Alfie, Allen Panzeri wrote a nice article that reassures fans that Ottawa’s beloved captain remain a Senator for life. Even if that means that he’ll pass up an opportunity to win a Cup if Ottawa can’t return to a contender status by the time that he’s ready to hang them up.

“There are always a few teams where, before the season, you can say, ‘This team has a better chance than the others,’ ” he said, as the Senators prepared to face the Toronto Maple Leafs at Scotiabank Place on Tuesday night.

“But then again, you look at Pittsburgh last year. By Christmas, you were wondering if they were going to make the playoffs. They fire their coach — and then they end up winning the Cup.

“So, I can’t see that. You can never say never, what will happen in the future, but I don’t think that’s probable for me.”

Underwood Not To the Greater Almonte Area…

Apparently reports that Underwood will be moving in some of her stuff to Mike Fisher’s residence are a bit premature.

Taking to her official fan club Web site, she wrote, “I read something recently that a certain someone and I were moving in together. This is beyond not true…just another example of people making stuff up out of thin air!”

Carrie’s heartfelt dedication to the hockey player in the notes of her new album, but the country star says sharing a bedroom with someone who’s not her husband just isn’t going to happen. “Neither one of us would ever do that. I would never live with my boyfriend…not my style.” ~ iVillage

If this news causes Mike Fisher to go in the tank like he’s Rick Vaughn in Major League 2, fans and media will have a new lightning rod for criticism.

New Power Play Tactic?

In a great little piece over at Off the Posts, Bruce Garrioch discussed how Jason Spezza stayed on the ice at the end of practice to work diligently with Brad Lauer on one-timers from the slot. Whether Jason will employ this tactic on the powerplay is something to watch tonight, at the very least, Spezza’s new office in the slot will mean that he’ll be closer to Alexei Kovalev. Here’s hoping the pair will feed off of each other’s touch passing and can start filling the net.