…And Now We Know Why Lapierre Never Fights

Seriously Maxime? One Brian Lee right hand upside the head and you’re down for the count? To steal one from Jerry Seinfeld, that’s a shame.

Yeah, that’s right, in last night’s tilt, Brian Lee employed his less-is-more strategy and used one punch to put the Habs pugilist on his ass. In my opinion Lee had one of his best games as a Senator this year. He played with a lot of confidence and a physical edge which had been missing from most of his play this season. It’s no surprise to me that he thrived in a game which had playoff tempo to it, and of course we all remember how much Lee thrived last year in the playoffs. It’s a shame the season has to end for him so soon, I had just begun to enjoy watching this kid play. Seems like ever since coming back his quick AHL demotion in March (where he took the pain in this fight, nice takedown at least) he’s had a huge surge in confidence and is forcing people to put the ‘Bust’ card back into their pockets for the time being.

The Best Fight That Never Happened

Right after Chris Neil took a healthy run at Kovalev along the centre ice boards, thankfully for Kovalev he ended up on the ice before Neil got to him, Ruutu exchanged words with Kovalev and tried to goat him into a fight. I thought Christmas had come early for me but unfortunatley Kovalev once again used his magical superpowers of disappearing and Ruutu was left without a willing partner.

No Habs No! Campaign

I love this campaign. I think the written letters are so cute. They should all be compiled into a book someday. Anyways, I was reading through the Silver Seven blog yesterday and saw that Peter wanted to give Alfie his letter in person and was hoping another Senators player would score a game winner last night. Well he got his wish. Good foresight Peter, hope you get some pleasure giving some hard earned cash (we won’t enter whether or not Heatley’s NHL salary is hard earned or not today)to both of these Habs killers.

Chris Neil

After watching games like last night when Neil shows up for only a few shifts and then disappears without doing all the “intangibles” his supporters claim make him worthy of a significant pay raise, it makes his contribution to the team very foggy. He threw a few checks, nothing game braking or changing, he didn’t fight and he didn’t register any points. At least he wasn’t a minus last night I guess. I have a hard time watching this guy play, I think a lot of people are stuck in Chris Neil 2005-2006 mode and just don’t pay close enough attention to the way he has declined as an enforcer and as a grinder over the past few seasons. Won’t be hard to wave goodbye at seasons end.

Sens take on the Bruins tonight and hope to play for whatever it is they’re playing for these days. Looking to avenge last Thursday’s 2-1 loss to the Bruins it would be nice (although highly improbable)to see them string together two great games against playoff contenders.

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A Post Scrip Eulogy For Graeme’s Hockey Season

Yesterday I watched a lot of baseball. A lot. So did Graeme. He has given up on the Sens this year and intentionally dodged the Senators game to watch the Blue Jays beat up on the Detroit Tigers like Brett Myers beats up on his wife. You know how he watched the game? A series of messages from me. “Ruutu jawing Kovalev – blood imminent”, “Heater!” and “Is Leclaire wearing Auld’s equipment?”. He’d rather watch Jays fans throw things on the field than watch the Sens throw a game on the ice.

In other news Howie Kendrick is on pace for 324RBI, 162HR and a .500 batting average. He is the best baseball player since Trot Nixon. I look forward to Kendrick’s record breaking season.

I’m sure all of you care. Graeme certainly doesn’t.