Are the Leafs in Trouble?


The legendary willingness of Leafs-loving Torontonians to dish out mortgage-payment-like sums to witness a perennial loser may have reached its breaking point.

Tickets to Maple Leafs games are being sold for unprecedented low prices on the open market – in what ticket brokers and resellers say is an early sign of a backlash against the club’s league-topping ticket prices and basement-dwelling performance.


For the first time ticket sellers can remember, Leafs tickets with face values of $100 to $300 each are routinely selling for as little as half that amount. ~ The Toronto Star

Little as half that amount? You Leafs fans make me sick.

Maybe if you had supported your team better, the Leafs’ franchise value could have increased by more than a paltry five-percent. $470 million in franchise value? I don’t know how some of you Leafs fans can live with yourselves. It’s selfish. Had you kept paying your inflated ticket prices, maybe, just maybe, Brian Burke could afford to bury Vesa Toskala’s salary in the AHL.

Of course this issue of money is related to an article that Neate Sager ran on his website called Out Of Left Field.

Anyways, I’m not going to systematically break down Neate’s article in a Fire Joe Morgan’esque style because he makes some interesting points. It also wouldn’t make much sense because SLC from Five For Smiting has already taken him to task. There are a few points that I did want to make though…

  • Are Toronto sports fans concerned about attendance problems that the Blue Jays had late in the year at the Rogers Centre? No. Their management structure might not instill confidence in the fanbase but at least Rogers is a viable and stable owner. It’s similar to the situation here in Ottawa, if Rod Bryden still owned this team. I might have a little more concern about whether or not the organization is profitable. Regardless of how people perceive Eugene Melnyk, he does provide a stable ownership. I don’t imagine that he’s losing much sleep over the prospect of losing a couple of million so long as the novelty of owning a professional sports team and the endless number of Fan 590 radio appearances continues to appeal to him.
  • If Nate’s going to use the lack of Sens paraphrenalia as an indication of support, he should also acknowledge that the current 3D logo, jerseys and merch aren’t very fashionable.
  • If you really want to know why SBP is where it is, then this is a must read.
  • The media here is understandably in the tank for the organization. It’s the city’s only claim on major-league status. Pointing out anything negative is a sure ticket to the shit list. That doesn’t explain why Don Brennan was wondering… A) what’s wrong with Filip Kuba? B) Where’s the uterus located?