Beer Goggles

“As long as we figure out what we did wrong and take some positives out of it, we’ll be all right. There’s no sense of panic.” ~ Pascal Leclaire

(Mental note to self: Don’t panic. Check.)

“We played pretty good through parts of game, but we just had breakdowns and gave them odd-man rushes. That was the game. We had turnovers that killed us. We’ve just got to simplify a bit and not get running around in own end.” ~ Mike Fisher

(Mental note to self: Simplify things. Check.)

Even though these comments were made by Senators players regarding the team, some fans could do themselves a favour and heed the advice of their favorite players. It’s actually kind of disturbing to see how many pessimistic fans are gloating in the wake of last night’s defeat. Kudos for feeling the need to publicly stroke your cocks anonymously on the various messageboards. I’m sure it’s cathartic for your sad and miserable existence to shit on a hockey team that’s featuring four new players on their first three lines and had not played in a game for a week.

Although, I guess it’s also kind of sad that I kept drinking booze last night in hopes that I could induce a blackout. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and still remembered that egregious shift by Chris Campoli. (You know, that one with the turnover at his own blueline, followed up by skating past the goal line as Dubinsky’s shot rang off the crossbar and Marian Gaborik tapped it by a defenseless Leclaire.)

Quit being so shallow Ottawa. Writing this team off now is like writing off a relationship with a girl that you just had a one-night stand with. At least wait awhile for the beer goggles to wear off before passing judgment.