Bingo Vs Hamilton

I was fortunate enough to have spent a few hours watching some AHL hockey this afternoon at SBP with a buddy of mine. Here are the highlights of the game…
  • When we arrived at the SBP parking lot, the lot was empty and the rate for parking was reduced to $7.00. I wish I was kidding when I say that this was the highlight of my AHL experience today.
  • Attendance was announced as 4,500 people but I would wager that there were less than 1,500 people in attendance. I don’t know what’s more sad, the fact that the event wasn’t marketed properly, the fact that Sens fans didn’t come out in droves or that 3,000 people paid to watch the game and still didn’t show up. Maybe the Senators organization didn’t market Martin “Future Star” St. Pierre properly.
  • The low attendance made me wonder if the CFL has any chance of survival in Ottawa. New ownership aside, Ottawa’s never supported non-hockey minor league teams that feature an inferior product. For the CFL to succeed, it has to develop a novelty status like the Ottawa Lynx had in the early 1990’s. For people to go, it has to be the thing to do or see.
  • Because of poor gate sales, the second level concourse was devoid of any open concession stands. Fortunately, the first level was also devoid of ushers. I felt bad for the people who shelled out the $27.50 to watch the game from the first bowl when people who paid $17.50 could enter the first level to buy concessions and sit wherever the hell they wanted.
  • Without any alcoholic beverages being sold on the second level concourse, my friend and I spent the first intermission at Bert’s Bar. Our off-ice experience there was ruined by a number of Hamilton Bulldog fans/degenerates who spent the better part of the intermission whooping it up at a television that was airing the Tiger Cats CFL game.
  • Erik Karlsson logged a ton of ice-time and played in every on-ice situation. He had a few turnovers but was clearly the team’s best puck mover. I’d say he was one of the few noticeable players on the ice for Bingo, but I was too intently focused on watching his game to be truly objective.
  • The only other Senators who deserve mention for their play are Erik Condra, Denis Hamel and Mike Brodeur. Speaking of Hamel, does anyone else remember when he was frequently called up by the Senators and felt that he was a full-time NHL player?
  • Even though he played well, watching Erik Condra was a bit uncomfortable. I just can’t get used to watching someone other than Alfie wear #11 on the home team.
  • In a weird instance, a Binghamton player (#9) fell on the ice in the second period. I didn’t recognize the player until he was shown on the scoreboard. I believe my exact words to my friend were, “Josh Hennessey? Shit, I forgot he was still in the system.” My friend and I then spent the next five minutes discussing how imperative it is for Patrick Wiercioch to salvage John Muckler’s Havlat trade. (Note to Wiercioch: No pressure. Honest.)
  • The in-game highlight of this afternoon’s game was a Hossa’esque shift by PK Subban that featured him cycling the offensive zone by himself and then inexplicably losing control of the puck at the blueline thereby creating a delayed offside.
  • When Hamilton finally scored, their fans celebrated in a weird fashion. They would lift one arm and then lower it while raising their other arm. This process repeated itself for a bit and I couldn’t understand it. Mind you, they’re CFL fans and are entertained easily. In hindsight, this would have been an ideal time for the Senators fans to start an Ug-ly Fans (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap) chant.
  • Binghamton’s power play went 0-6 on the afternoon. Fitting.