How Mike Fisher May Be Engaged To Carrie Underwood

Our good friends over at Silver Seven Sens have an article up detailing how Erik Karlsson scored his first NHL goal. Interestingly, they’ve elected to break the video clip down and give some intricate details about how the play developed. The inclusion and use of player names and the level of analysis used are enough to put Bob Cole to shame. We at The 6th Sens were so inspired enough by Peter’s post that we’ve decided to pay homage to Silver Seven Sens and systematically break down how the Mike Fisher / Carrie Underwood engagement rumour came to pass. (Ed. note: Even their use of the first person plural has rubbed off on us.)

It may have taken a little longer than he would have liked, or that many had expected, but Mike Fisher may have been given carte blanche to get into Carrie Underwood’s pants in the near future. How it happened will likely be forgotten if his career plays out as Senators fans and brass expect him to but if it in any way affects Fisher’s production, we will all lose here. That being said, why not take a closer look at how Fisher’s alleged engagement to Ms. Underwood has developed while it’s still fresh in our minds.

It started off with a Tweet on Twitter. Bit of a weak-looking rumour, a user under the name Colin Peter tweeted that he attended a Christmas party with Fisher’s cousin, who received a call from family to share the news. Got that? It’s the patented friend of a friend rumour! Regardless, he did what was most important: He planted a seed. But more importantly, he left a smiley face at the end of his Tweet. Congratulations to mike fisher and Carrie underwood! We just got the call at our family Christmas get together :)

After Peter made the Tweet, Fisher’s Wikipedia page had been updated to indicate the change. Meanwhile, someone hadn’t taken the time to update Carrie Underwood’s Wikipedia page or her personal website apparently, they were too busy trying to hold private conversations with Colin Peter after he had protected his account due to mass attention. If not for the work of one dedicated fan who claimed that Peter had confirmed the news in a private message, this rumour may have died a slow death.

With these Tweets in the Twittersphere, the attention has drawn mainstream media outlets toward the rumour — and away from common sense — in an effort to chase the news. Once the Twittersphere had dried up, the mainstream media looked to the celebrity blogs and websites for some confirmation that they had wasted 15 minutes of their lives trying to chase down the truth in a classic friend of a friend rumour.

Cue the Monday morning Senators practice. We’ve heard a lot about the engagement rumour, but haven’t had much of an opportunity to let Fisher have his say and poo poo these rumours. Hopefully Fisher’s comments can follow up the perfectly-timed deletion of Colin Peter’s Twitter account so that Sens fans can breathe a little easier knowing that a Mike Fisher engagement has been postponed.

And the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch has confirmed the rumour:  This morning, a source close to the couple confirmed to the Ottawa Sun that Fisher popped the question and Underwood has accepted the proposal. Great. Brace yourselves for an onslaught of Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia jokes. And God forbid that some Tony Romo parallels are drawn if Fisher’s production begins to wane.