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Living in Ottawa, you innately know when it’s close to the offseason. Cracking on Leaf supporting colleagues becomes an workplace sport (albeit, not happening as often this year) and Don Brennan has begun to laud the wares of a former 67s player. Last summer it was Brendan Bell and Zenon Konopka, this year it’s Corey Cowick.

67’s W Corey Cowick did not make his pro debut with the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack Friday as originally planned. He failed to pass the physical when team the team decided his shoulder was not quite fit for competition. Cowick, a banging winger with a decent pair of hands, is a player the Senators will strongly consider in this June’s draft.

I’d love to see Cheapshots’ keeper league fantasy hockey team. He probably still has Alyn McCauley on his roster. (You know, just in case.)

It’s really weird though. Shortly after showing Cowick some love, Don chimed in with this:

Usher Sean Courvette was recognized during a second-period stop in play for saving the life of a fan at the world juniors using the Heimlich manoeuvre. “Too bad he wasn’t working at the Civic Centre the other night in the third period,” muttered a press box wise guy. “The 67’s could have used him.”

Hmmm. Makes you wonder if Brennan let this 67s crack slide. Especially, after he dropped this line earlier in the week.

How is it there aren’t more fights in the stands when the Habs or Leafs visit? If I was a passionate Senators fan cheering on my team at Scotiabank Place and some clown in a funny jersey beside me was booing whenever Daniel Alfredsson touched the puck, it wouldn’t take long before I’d punch him in the teeth.

I bet the only thing Brennan punched after the 67s crack was the clock.

Kuba was dazed and didn’t know where he was after the Carcillo hit. Somebody told him he was on Mississippi Lake. So he thought he’d go water skiing, which explains his actions on the play that led to Powe’s penalty shot and the Flyers’ first goal of the game

While Don spent the duration of the third period trying to be witty and shit on Filip Kuba all at the same time, our readers were busy doctoring his image for our contest. (Can you tell we get a kick out of these club photos?) Anyways, as promised, here are the images that we liked best. Check them out and vote in the poll for the one that you want to see adorn our blog page as a banner for the next week. Thanks to everyone who submitted an image. Also, although the contest has closed, please feel free to email us takes, ideas, thoughts, photoshopped images, et al.


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