“Dead”Line Day

First thing’s first, we at The 6th Sens want to extend our thanks and gratitude to each of our special guest bloggers:

So thank you Steve, Stu and Lee from Team 1200. Thanks to Louie Caporusso for stopping by. Thank you Ian Mendes for the email correspondence, we’ll try to get you on with us in the near future. Thank you to Sens Chirp for intermittently stopping by. A special thank you to Russ Farwell for spending over an hour answering questions from the readers. And finally, a special thanks to Glenn Humplik for spending the duration of the blog with us. You’re a trooper.

Secondly, I’d like to thank all the readers for your participation. Without you guys and gals, the blog wouldn’t have been as successful and smooth. Tim, Brad and myself had an awesome time talking hockey with you guys and we encourage you guys to keep leaving comments or emailing us opinions or takes in the future. We’re trying to build a good foundation here. Also, I’d like to welcome any readers who stumbled upon us for the first time. Hopefully you liked what you saw and you’ll be back.

Also, I’d like to thank all of the blogs/websites for the Live Blog promotion. So thank you to the folks at hockeybroads.com, thank you to the folks at gmhockey.com and thank you to Sens Chirp and Mike from The Senate Committee for their plugs.

If I forgot to mention someone, my apologies.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed it and you if you have comments/suggestions, leave them in our comment section or email us at the6thsens@live.com

The Staff of The 6th Sens