Friday Night!

So what kind of masochistic Sens fan would endure listening to some Toronto sports radio? I’m not entirely sure, however, I’m grateful because I never would have heard about the following.

According to Duff, one of the authors at ASB, Bill Watters was on the radio program Leafs Lunch this afternoon and he proceeded to proverbially drop trou and shit all over the Ottawa Senators organization.

“I was at a function with a group of hockey miscreants, and I include myself in there, and was told that Heatley is telling people that he doesn’t want to go back to Ottawa because of the alleged, rampant drug use. And I had not heard that and I thought it was strange because as you remember a couple of years ago, there were three Senators who were allegedly on tape, involved in an alleged purchase of some of that Peruvian marching powder and of course they couldn’t arrest them, or wouldn’t arrest them because they didn’t catch them with it on their person…”

To listen an MP3 version of Watters’ comments, click here.

For starters, you have to love the use of the term Peruvian marching powder. Nothing conveys coolness to an audience like the use street slang for the narcotic cocaine. It’s the equivalent of having Sportsnet, Watters’ employer, jazz up this geriatric with jeans and a sports blazer when he appears on Hockey Central.

It’s a bit ironic though, here we are, bracing for this weekend and Spezza’s wedding. Worrying about whether one of our own will make an ass out of themselves by using some paparrazi tactics. Instead, this douchebag from the Big Smoke has given each of us a reminder that bad journalism exists everywhere.

Now if only Watters’ comments could prompt Melnyk to stop appearing on Toronto sports talk radio…

On the Outside, Looking In…

I’d give kudos here to Dany Heatley for doing the right thing here, but I can’t. I have no reason to assume that he wasn’t looking out for his own best interests by remaining at home and not making a spectacle of things on his friend’s big day.

Judging Heatley’s actions, it’s difficult to envision him in a Senators uniform when training camp opens in the fall. If he still had intentions of returning, he would have come forward to address the media and attend his teammate’s wedding. Now, unless it’s a ruse to thwart some media attention, he’s isolated himself from his teammates. Fortunately, as the outsider, he’ll have some free time to watch some promotional videos courtesy of the Edmonton Oilers.