Happy Days

Sometimes it’s fun to have a little blind faith. Like last season for example, when Ottawa needed to run the table with about 20 games left to have any opportunity of making the postseason. With the ominous dark cloud of Dany Heatley having been lifted from this city, optimism is renewed in the nation’s capital.

“Expectations are high. We did a survey with our ticket holders and got a good response, so we feel it’s pretty indicative. About 90 per cent think we’re in the playoffs, and 40 per cent think we’re in the finals.”~ Cyril Leeder

So much for tempered expectations. Ah well. At least this positive aura in Ottawa has carried onto its players, even to those who’ve received bad news.

“I’m going to go down there with a good attitude. To ask for a trade would be a quitter and I don’t want to be a quitter.” ~ Christoph Schubert

Consider this Exhibit A for why SchUboat is smarter than people give him credit for. Since I’ve read his comment, I haven’t had time to check out the various message boards or listen to the radio to gauge the casual fan’s reaction to what he said. At first glance, I’d probably assume that fans are probably impressed with his new attitude and are probably complimenting him for how much he has matured since throwing another man through a glass window.

And at second glance, I’d imagine that fans who haven’t been won over by his play, will embrace him for directing a subtle dig at Dany Heatley’s trade request.

However, with his subtle dig aside, what would fans expect him to say?

Remember the advice that Chubb’s gives Adam Sandler in the movie Happy Gilmore?

Whenever you’re upset. Go to your own happy place. Go there, and all your problems will just melt away.

For Christoph Schubert, that place is Binghamton.

Think about it:

  • It’s the place where he met his significant other.
  • No other team in the NHL claimed him off of waivers. without having to give up any assets for him. And by NHL standards, he makes a paltry $900k for the one-year that’s left on his current deal so inheriting the cost of his contract shouldn’t be an issue. The fact that no one wants him should be humbling.
  • The man’s a professional athlete, even if he’s getting paid his NHL salary because of his one-way contract,at least he’ll be playing for his money instead of getting paid to be idle in the pressbox
  • Most importantly, he’ll be afforded the opportunity to play defence. A position that he’s wanted to play since the 2006/07 season.