“Hi guys, I’m Pascal”

Listen, I hate to be a harbinger of bad news for Sens fans but, Adam Proteau of The Hockey News doesn’t like what the Sens did on Deadline Day. Here’s what he had to say:

Additions: Mike Comrie, C (Islanders); Chris Campoli, D (Islanders); Pascal Leclaire, G (Columbus); 2009 second round draft pick (Columbus)

Deletions: Dean McAmmond, LW (Islanders); 2009 first round draft pick (Islanders); Antoine Vermette, LW (Columbus); Martin Gerber, G (Toronto)

Bottom Line: As noted earlier, the Senators got hosed in no small manner on the Comrie/Campoli transaction. Leclaire will get all the opportunities in the world to re-establish himself as a front-line goalie, but it’s no lock that he will.

Grade: C-

Alright, so as difficult as it is and for the sake of being objective, I’ll ignore the fact that THN pays Bruce Garrioch a fee to pen some fluff about the Senators for their magazine. (I take a deep breath, exhale. Ok.) So let’s look at how this trade breaks down on paper:

Ottawa loses a speedy, 4th line bag of ass, a sieve, a 1st rounder that might as well be a second rounder and our favorite, underachieving francophone.

In return Ottawa gets an unrestricted top 6 forward who knows he’s going to have to take a paycut to stay here, a mid-second round pick (that will only be 10-14 picks behind the SJ one), the rights to a celebrity girlfriend, an offensive defenceman and an injury prone goalie who not only carries the weight of an entire city on his shoulders, but is probably also playing to keep Bryan Murray’s job. What could possibly go wrong here?

Ok. So Bryan might have overpaid slightly for Campoli and he could have simply dealt a later pick to obtain Comrie’s negotiation rights prior to July 1st. Big deal! This is a new process for us, we’ve never had to rebuild something. For a franchise that’s blown countless prospects and picks on the likes of Smoke, Varada, Bondra, Saprykin and Arnason, this is a step in the right direction. Come on, baby steps.

Ain’t That Cute

Not too sure if anyone’s noticed but the staff at the Sun appear to be trying to coin the phrase, “Ottawa, the city where goalies go to die.” The latest is this quip in reference to whether Leclaire can cut it:

“If not, it’s another victim of the goalie graveyard.” ~ Bruce Garrioch

At least Ian Mendes did his best to crack on the rest of the writers at the Sun.

BRENNAN: Sorry I’m not just blurting out nonsense, Bainsie. One of us doing that is enough. Besides, I’m elbows deep in a pre-game meal of Pho, with my son. Any smart-ass remarks to that?

GARRIOCH: What is Pho?

BAINES: I think it’s spelled poo.

MENDES: It’s Vietnamese soup. I can’t believe Brennan is more cultured than you guys.

Brian Burke, Giant Asshole

With an empty box to fill, the good folks at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. could have been charitable with the Team Canada players from the World Baseball Classic but really, it just isn’t their way.

Instead, when the ballplayers asked about attending last night’s Leafs game, they were stunned to learn the cost for sitting in an unfilled luxury box would be $12,000. When they said the price was too high, the MLSEL people dropped the number to $7,000. When the players indicated they would need to purchase an additional 10 tickets for their group, the price leapt to more than $10,000, prompting the Team Canada players to say thanks, but no thanks.

And wouldn’t it have been a nice gesture for MLSEL to welcome the Team Canada players with an invitation last night? But that’s not the view of Leafs president and GM Brian Burke.

“Do you think the Yankees would give us a box if we asked for one?” Burke said. “I don’t think so. So why should we?

“And if they wanted the tickets, couldn’t one of the millionaires have paid for them?” ~ Steve Simmons, The Toronto Sun

Brian Burke, the man who doesn’t know how to honor anything – Including a contractual obligation to the Ducks.