How I Know Don Brennan Doesn’t Read This Blog

All the ‘name’ players get away with stuff. Alfredsson does dirty stuff all the time, so does Crosby, Getzlaf…you get treated better if you’re the star.

I’m so-so about Neil. he takes a LOT of head shots and I really don’t like the fact he keeps his helmet on when he fights. I get he has a role on the team but Yablonski can be a meathead for much less $$.

Oh and Don, I quite enjoyed the insightful analysis from the Citizen about the Senators the last few days. Any idea when you, Bruce and Chris will be writing a post-mortem offering your own insights?

Honest question by the way… ~ Anonymous Comment left on the Off the Posts Blog

Provokes This Response…

To the Feb. 8 “visitor” who thinks Jeremy Yablonski can be a “meathead” for much less money than Chris Neil …. For one, from various people I hear Yablonski can’t skate well enough to play in NHL. For two, Neil is more than a “meathead”. He’s one of the NHL tough guys that can play the game. And you don’t like that Neil keeps his helmet on when he fights? I think that’s smart, and helps him win more than he loses. By the way, post-mortems are for a season’s end. They might not make the playoffs but there’s still about 30 to go in this one. And yeah, the Citizen’s was great, wasn’t it? A thumbs down to Brendan Bell, who has played 27 NHL games on a 2-way contract? There’s some knowledgable analysis. ~ Don Brennan, Off the Posts

I wonder if Brennan told Bell to maintain eye contact while he used his BlackBerry to post this literary fellatio from the confines of the Sens dressing room? Anyone else find it hypocritical that Brennan’s taking offence to people’s criticisms of Bell when he’s gone out of his way to inexplicably shit on Filip Kuba at every opportunity. Maybe Brennan’s just bitter because the Fischer and Panzeri columns managed to provide a compelling argument that’s supported by facts without having to resort to off-tangent topics — like celibacy or how good looking he thinks a Senators prospect is — to fill a word quota.

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