I Have Two Things To Say

1) Dany Heatley could get traded today.

2) That could change.

It’s been the story of the summer, every three weeks or so, the trade winds blow a little harder and Dany Heatley is rumoured to be on the short bus out of town. The latest news comes again from Sens Chirp who’s reporting the details of the now highly publicized negotiations with San Jose.

  • To Ottawa: Michalek, Vlasic, Couture/McGinn
  • To San Jose: Dominant Dany Heatley
  • To Montreal/other prospect trade partner for San Jose: A San Jose salary dump

Looking at the aforementioned  names, I’m a little skeptical of the alleged return — Michalek and Vlasic are upgrades over the previously mentioned Cheechoo and Ehrhoff and both Couture and McGinn are 67’s alumni? Sounds a little too contrived and feel-good to actually occur. (But, if it did, keep your eye out for the inevitable Don Brennan bender.)

But if the trade with San Jose actually materializes as expected, there couldn’t be a better place for Heatley, that confirmed cancer, certified coach-killer, validated jerk and authenticated me-me-me man, Dany Heatley. With Patrick Marleau reportedly being asked to give up his captaincy, Heatley can take an aggressive approach to wear the coveted ‘C’ that he desperately covets. Allegedly.