I Leave You In Good Hands

I was going to make a post earlier but I’ve been running around town getting errands done for my vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning from Montreal so I’m going to be unable to write anything here for the next seven days.

Consequently, I’m leaving you readers in the good hands of Tim and Brad, our other two bloggers that I trust will shit on everything that’s published by the Ottawa media. If you need your fix, don’t hesitate to give them shit by emailing them at the6thsens@live.com . Similarly, if you feel like writing an editorial type blog while I’m away, forward it to that email and maybe one of Tim or Brad will publish it. (No guarantees that they won’t make fun of it though.)

Oh, and no worries readers, since coming up from my basement, I’ve already been reminded three times by mother of how dangerous it could be to leave my resort. To be honest, I’m more concerned with spending any length of time in Montreal. With the way the Canadiens have defecated the mattress lately, I can guarantee that their fans are more dangerous and idiotic. The plight of the Canadiens couldn’t have happened to bigger bunch of ignorant douchebags. Fuck, I hope I don’t come back to find that they torched my car at the Park N Fly…

See you next weekend.

Graeme Nichols, The Cockiest Basement Dwelling Senators’ Blogger.

PS. Adam Mair makes Chris Neil look like a Lady Byng candidate.