In The Midnight Hour…We Get Fleeced?

For what it’s worth….

“Two league executives told Sun Media yesterday they’ve heard talk the Senators, Sharks and Kings have discussed a three-way deal that would send Heatley to San Jose, centre Jarrett Stoll and winger Alexander Frolov to Ottawa and centre Patrick Marleau to the Kings.”

Forgive me, I believe I’m sleep walking and this is actually a nightmare. I’m going to bed and hope that when I wake up tomorrow this will all be gone.

Update: I can’t sleep. Bruce goes into further detail here on OTP blog. It’s kinda repetitive but it’s something to read at least.

I have some initial thoughts though. I don’t think this deal that Bruce outlines is enough. Not even close.

There is no defensemen, as Bryan Murray recently suggested he would like to aquire a tough as nails d-man to replace Smith. There is no prospect involved, making everything he’s said about the Edmonton model somewhat moot.

I’d like to see a young forward come back, someone like Oscar Moller or the Schenn boy. I think Stoll is a blatant salary dump and for our purposes Frolov is just a one year rental unless he comes with an extension or is guaranteed one from Ottawa relatively quickly. I think it’s a band-aid solution at best as it appears in this form. A band-aid that won’t stop the cries for Murray’s head if this deal goes through as is. Although a young stud forward could change my mind quickly. A second one who plays defense would certainly qualify as a wow offer.

What I do like is that it gives us more scoring threats and another anchor for the PP with Stoll on the back-end. It would assure us that we wouldn’t be talking about secondary scoring very often this season, and I would like that a lot. I hate that term. Frolov by all accounts is a responsible defensive guy. Coach C would probably be real into that. So would Leclaire I bet. I think most fans would like to see a few less goals against this season too. Certainly a guy like Frolov isn’t the be-all-to-end-all for preventing goals but he can’t hurt but maybe he’d rub off on Spezza. The Sens might just make the playoffs next year too with that roster. Although, after that season we’d be left holding the dead dreams of a solid return on our once favourite 50 goal son and left with shit in our hands or too involved in the FA market next off-season.

So, I think it would be silly to assume this deal as it appears is signed, sealed and delivered. However, one thing to consider was Bruce was pretty quick on the Edmonton deal and he hasn’t been all that interested in throwing around names this off-season. Could be. Maybe not though. I’m sure it would need tweaking and for Marleau to waive his NTC. I assume if he was gonna waive it for any team it would be the Kings. There would have to be some picks and prospects going back and forth. There would have to be. There has to be some wow for Murray. At this stage, with those names, I don’t think the wow factor is present. I guess we’ll see tomorrow, or at this hour, later today.

Update #2: How rude of me. I made this all about me and some men I don’t even know. What do you readers think? What do you think of this deal with the four players involved? What else would you need to see come back to Ottawa to make this worthwhile? Anyone else you’d like to strap to Dany on his way out of town? Talk it out nicely.

Update #3: Nichols here, to pen my thoughts. Unlike Tim, I’ve had the luxury of being able to sleep through the night to awake and read some of the updates out there. ( Note to Grinder: I was going to respond to your most recent comment, in fact, it’s saved as a draft. But with this Heatley trade talk going on and the possibility that he gets dealt today, there’s a great chance that it will not get published.)

That being said, I don’t think there’s a chance Murray makes that alleged Garrioch deal. There’s no way he’s waited this long on Heatley to have moved him for a third line center and a one-year stopgap solution in Frolov. Even though I can appreciate the salary cap savings that the Senators can get by losing Frolov after the season, who would be available next offseason that would make it easier to swallow the fact that Heatley was dealt for fuck all?

Or maybe Ottawa can use the $1M saved in salary cap dollars (not actual salary) to augment the current roster with inherently flawed bags of shit who will impede Ottawa’s prospects further. Petr Sykora, Mike Comrie, Kyle Calder, come on down!!! (As an aside, assuming Garrioch’s trade came to fruition, wouldn’t it be weird to look at Ottawa’s roster and see that a 4th line of Kelly, Ruutu, and Neil would cost approximately 5 Million bucks? Talk about asanine asset/salary cap management.)

Nash, Pronger and Luongo have already re-signed with their current teams.

Ilya Kovalchuk? He’ll likely command a larger annual salary than Heatley’s $7.5M hit.

Marc Savard? Puts up points but is due for a raise from his $5M deal. Even he might be too expensive.

Here’s the free agent list.

Anyways, after reading Bruce’s latest OTP piece, I’ve come to the conclusion that he and some other League sources were kicking some names around and came up with those two Kings strictly on the basis that Heatley’s salary matched the sum of theirs. More importantly, I’m crossing my fingers that this trade discussion will inspire teams to jump into the foray and bump the price past Rachel Hunter’s ex.