It Got Me Thinking

I had this weird thought the other day and I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. I found it to be a most perplexing question that despite my best efforts, I could not answer. I decided it was a question that required an immediate answer.

So what does one do when they have an unanswerable question? They take it to the Internet and let strangers argue it out and hope that a semblance of rationale thought appears and that a vague impression of an answer appears.

Here’s my question to the readers. Now follow me closely on this one. Ready?

Imagine Dany Heatley is not an Ottawa Senator. Pretend he has never been one. Imagine he plays on a team that is identical to the current makeup of the Ottawa Senators as we know them today. We will call this the Clone Team just to keep things clear. The Senators have the exact same lineup, just with no Dany Heatley and no Dany Heatley cap hit. Are we all still on board and following along? Good. So we have the Clone Team Dany plays for and the Ottawa Senators. The exact same situation arises where Dany requests a trade from the Clone Team. The Ottawa Senators are interested in acquiring him from the Clones. Now, what would the Ottawa Senators have to give up in order to land Dany Heatley?

Hopefully that was clear enough and the context of this situation is easily grasped. I think it would be interesting to see what worth Senators fans place on Dany Heatley, and his trade value by using our other Senators players as a determinant of what he’s worth.The best package I could come up with for Heatley is Foligno, Fisher and Picard or Schubert. Seems to fit the mold of what Murray is after, but I’m curious if my assumptions are completely off base.

I realize that many of you are sick of hearing his name and speculating and waiting day in and day out for a resolution. I figured I would test your patience and look at this trade from a new angle. Hopefully some of you are more creative than me. Let’s see what you’ve got.