Karlsson Part Deux…With a Little Carkner Thrown In

Hey readers, I really appreciate all of the feedback and commentary in the last topic. I was going to just post my thoughts there, but decided that a new post might be better.

Anyways, I think I should rephrase my thoughts to better articulate my position.

I’m not adverse to returning Erik Karlsson to his Sweden per se.

When it was announced that Karlsson had earned a spot on the roster, Bryan Murray forewarned the fans that he and the coaching staff were willing to weather Karlsson’s defensive shortcomings. Which is fair, provided that Karlsson provides the puck-moving and offensive prowess that Ottawa lacked last season.

It hasn’t helped matters that his veteran partner, Filip Kuba, will miss his fourth straight game tonight and it’s had a residual effect on Karlsson’s game in two ways. One, he’s playing more minutes and is at risk of being exposed more often. And two, he’s forced to play with Chris Campoli who’s ill-suited to compliment Karlsson’s inexperience and style.

Five games just seems like too few to appropriately gauge Karlsson without considering that he hasn’t been put in a position to succeed.

If his confidence is waning and it adversely affects his offensive capabilities then he deserves to be sent down. But just give him his ten game sample size first.

And another thing, Don Brennan and the Ottawa Sun have tried to dub Matt Carkner with the nickname “Big Country”. It’s okay but kind of bland. For the purposes of this site, from now on, I’ll only refer to Carkner as Steve Perry because he’s a Journey Man. Hi-yo!