Kovalev’s 400th


If you haven’t noticed, Alexei Kovalev’s 400th is being celebrated around the League. After scoring goals 399, 400 and 401 in last night’s victory over the Hurricanes, Kovy’s 400th goal has not only made the front page of NHL.com, but people other than those parents who invested their hard earned cash in AK-27’s DVD are championing his accomplishment like it’s a big deal.

What gives?

Personally, I think this whole situation is conflicting.

Since the moment that the ink dried on his 2-year $10 million pact, we’ve been conditioned to believe that Alexei Kovalev is an enigma, a career underachiever who’d cocktease you with his talent.

How am I supposed to celebrate him reaching this historic milestone when he was allegedly capable of so much more?