Late Thursday Night News

According to Michael Sharp, a Binghamton sports writer who covers the Baby Sens, the Senators will announce their new head coach at 10am on Friday morning. Sharp goes on to indicate that the organization will also announce that they have signed two more players, one of whom is a goalie.

After doing more investigative Googling, we’ve come find to find that our favorite beacon of negativity (Darren Dreger’s antithesis), Kevin Lee, is back and blogging regularly again.


I’m not going to copy and paste his exact words but here’s the gist:

– The new head coach in Bingo may be either Brad Shaw or Don Lever
– There’s a caveat: the organization may decide to hire neither but rest assured, someone will be hired tomorrow
– Someone’s Facebook creeping Jeremy Yablonski
– Andy Chiodo is the goalie that the Sens have signed to a minor league deal
– Shitting on John Muckler’s tenure ( Brownie points here. It’s well deserved and it never gets old, regardless of who’s doing the shitting.)

2012 All-Star Game in Ottawa?

It was pretty easy to miss a small bit of information at the bottom of this morning’s Don Brennan article that discussed this season’s Senators schedule.

While admitting it would be nice to see the Senators in an outdoor classic — Boston will host Philadelphia at Fenway Park on New Year’s Day this time — Leeder said the organization is more focused on the 2012 all-star game.

There will be no all-star game next season because of the Olympics, and Phoenix has already been awarded the showcase in 2011.

“We would like to do it in 2012 if we could,” said Leeder. “The league said we’d get full consideration.”

Let’s hope that this All-Star game will be the only mediocre and meaningless product that SBP possibly hosts that year.

Former Sens on OTR with Michael Landsberg

First it was McGrattan, today it was Ray Emery. If you want to watch videos of their appearances on the TSN program, just follow this link.