Live Blog Deadline Day

Well, I said I’d reveal the guest bloggers by Tuesday, but what the hell. I’m in a good mood. Without further ado, here’s who’ll be joining myself, Brad and Tim this Wednesday:

Glenn Humplik

Many of you will dig from Glenn from his days spent on the Tom Green Show. Not only is the ‘Hump’ a local celebrity, he’s a pissed off season ticket holder who’s ready to vent his frustrations with the organization. (Psst, get in line Glenn!)

Ian Mendes

Mendes manages to provide Sens Army with something that Pierre Maguire doesn’t – Entertaining insight from between the benches. I’ll be sure to mention Brian Elliott’s rebound control to Ian here on Wednesday.

Stuntman Stu, The Busiest Man In Sports Entertainment

As the Senators’ announcer, does Stu’s reluctance to announce the last names of the Senators’ goal scorers signify a cost cutting move by the organization during these hard economic times? We’ll get to the bottom of it here on Wednesday.

Steve Warne

Not only is he the longest-tenured host, Steve’s the brain’s behind TGOR’s Blue Team Elimination Watch, Jimbotron, The 60 second shootout, the Annoying Yet Catchy Song of the Day, Barry Picking, Marmaduke readings and most of the hockey parody songs. He’s helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for children with autism. He remains happily married with a hot wife and two great kids. Anyone with a hot wife is welcome here.

Russ Farwell

As the current GM of the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL, Russ isn’t a stranger to The 6th Sens. As recently as this summer, Russ provided readers with insight through his experiences as a NHL GM (Philadelphia Flyers). Not only will we be discussing his days with the Flyers’ organization, we’ll be sure to get Farwell’s opinion on the Senators 2007 first round pick, Jim O’Brien.

Lee Versage

I have no idea why the Kulkster nicknamed him “The Franchise” but we’ll assume it’s for his ability to deftly deal with some of the worst callers in talk-radio. Words cannot describe how this man manages to do his job without losing his temper.

A Special Mystery Guest

All I’ll say is that this Sens prospect plays at a school that rhymes with Bichigan.

Sens Chirp

I’m not much for a rumors guy but I know many of you seem to like what this guy (girl?) brings to the table. Regardless, this anonymous rumor monger will be dropping by throughout course of the day.

Feel slighted that you weren’t invited to guest blog? Don’t.

If you’re disappointed that you weren’t asked to guest blog, don’t take offense. We’re still looking to fill more guest blogging roles. Just email us at or leave a comment on this blog piece indicating why you think you deserve a Guest Blogging position here on Deadline Day. If you make a compelling case, we’ll throw your name into the mix on Wednesday.

Also, a note to our readers, regardless of what you think of a certain guest blogger, please treat these guys with some respect. These guys are all taking time out of their schedule to contribute here for your benefit. We want your contributions on deadline day but every post that you make will be screened and moderated by us here at the blog. So bring the wit. Bring the humor. Also, if you want us authors here to ask a specific guest a question, email me ASAP.

Thanks everybody.