Living At the Church of Alfie

It seems to work for Sidney Crosby, having the run of Mario Lemieux’s house as a young NHL player in Pittsburgh.

In Ottawa, Erik Karlsson has his own Super Mentor and a cool place to hang his hat: Chez Alfie.

Karlsson, the most prized rookie in the Senators training camp, has moved into the busy Alfredsson household, which includes Daniel, his wife Bibi and their children Hugo, 6, Loui, 3, and Fenix, 1.

“He has a nice family, nice kids and a nice wife, so I enjoy it there,” Karlsson says, matter-of-factly. ~ Courtesy of Wayne Scanlan, The Ottawa Citizen

If the comparison is going to be drawn between Crosby and Karlsson, let’s get a few things straight — At a salary averaging $8.7M per season, Crosby can’t afford a moving company to get out from his owner’s basement. What is he supposed to do? Ask Lemieux to help him move furniture with his back? Come on.

Also, as a Swede coming to North America, Karlsson isn’t undergoing that massive cultural change that Crosby must have endured as Maritime lad moving to the big city of Pittsburgh.

And finally, Karlsson’s not moving into a house quite like this:

wine cellarmario-lemieux-party-1mario-lemieux-party-2

 Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be worth it for Erik if it winds up like this: