Lost In Translation

When asked to assess Heatley’s play yesterday, Clouston said:

“He’s got a ways to go. He’s learning a new system, it’s a lot more of a pressure system. He’s got to move his feet a little more. But he’s getting there, he’s getting close.

“My assessment might be different than other people’s. He’s not where we want him to be and neither is the whole team in general. He’s not different. Some guys take a little bit longer. He’s obviously not used to a pressure game and being in exact spots where we want him to be. Sometimes it may look like he’s not skating when actually he’s trying to think a little more rather than react,” said Clouston.

“For it to come naturally, it may take some guys a little bit longer. He’s not the only guy every once in a while we’ve noticed, especially on video, you can see it’s not quite there, it’s not quite in a habitual form for them, sometimes they have to think a little bit more than we would like them to do. Again, it’s only been two or three practices. It’s coming.”

Clouston’s comments were pulled from this morning’s Ottawa Sun, in a piece written by Chris Stevenson. On the surface, it seems pretty harmless right? New coach = new system = some players take longer to adapt. It makes sense and there’s no foul here. Well, hold on. It gets better.

When the subject was brought up to Heatley, he disagreed with the coach’s view.

Here’s how the question was phrased:

Q: Cory says he doesn’t think your game is where it’s usually at or where it should probably be at. He thinks maybe you’re pressing too much. Is that fair?

Pardon the interruption but can I be the first to say, what the fucking fuck? Granted, I don’t have access to everything Clouston may or may not have said. But from everything he said about Dany Heatley, it definitely appears as though a member of Ottawa’s finest has used the opportunity to heave a steaming bag of turd at Mr. Heatley.

“No. I don’t feel that way right now. I think I’m just trying to shoot the puck. I’ve had some good chances, like I said, last game, and it’s kind of funny. The way I go, if a goal goes in and you play horribly, you guys all say everything is great and if you play well and the puck doesn’t go in, you’re playing bad, so … I’m just going to keep trying to shoot the puck and eventually they’ll go in.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought that Heatley was a reader of my blog. I’ve been saying for a long time how the difference between a good Heatley game and a bad one is 1-3 goals. Unfortunately, it’s shitty to hear it come from directly from Heatley’s mouth and not from some anonymous HOF’er.

Forget the freezing rain that’s being forecast for this afternoon. I can already feel a major shit storm brewing here that will be compounded by a player and media that obviously just don’t like each other.

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Clouston and Heatley confirm what we already know — That the Ottawa media needs a swift kick in the ass. Here’s the link.

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