Monday Afternoon Hits and Giggles


As I mentioned a few days ago, the Yahoo! Sports preview of the Senators is now available here. And Puck Daddy’s blog preview is included here. The 6th Sens was fortunate enough to be included in PD’s testimonial portion of his piece and here’s what we had to say:

“Given the question marks surrounding this team, we think it’s asinine to predict how this team can/can’t fair this year. Given those circumstances, Tim and I have edited a quote from the movie ‘Beautiful Girls’ to fit with what we’re saying. Here it is:

“The Senators are an organization that can make you dizzy, like you’ve been drinking Jack and Coke all morning. But this season is built to make you feel a high full of the single greatest commodity known to sports fans – promise. Despite trading Dany Heatley, we have promise. Promise of a better day. Promise of a greater hope. Promise of a new tomorrow. Promise that this team can’t possibly suck as much balls as it did last season. This particular aura can be found in the gait of a new roster – Kovalev the Enigma; Cheechoo the former Rocket Richard trophy winner; Michalek the key to ‘The Deal’ , Karlsson the rookie who lives in Alfie’s basement; and Leclaire the Quebecoise goalie not named Lalime.

“The promise to make seasons gone by, every rotten one of them, seem forgotten and about make everything else seem like it’s going to be okay.  Like drinking Jack and Coke in the morning, we don’t know how the day nor the season will end. We just hope we don’t have to switch to doubles next season.”

On behalf of Tim, I’d like to thank PD for including us in his preview.

More Moves?

From the anonymous man who implored us that Heatley would not be dealt (E5) comes this awesome bit of news fabricated horse-shit:

As for the Senators, they too, like the Canadiens, have their eyes set on upgrading on Defense. They are looking at either de Vries via signing and/or Hannan via trade. On insider called one of those two men in Ottawa and “almost certainty.”

I’d like to think that Bryan Murray would entertain that offer like a normal man would entertain the thought of being dutch ovened by Roseanne Barr. It’s not a matter of his style, it’s that $4.5M pricetag of his that compounds the question of whether he’d even be a fit in Ottawa’s top four. Assuming Colorado would even accept a package featuring Chris Kelly and some 4th line fodder to make the dollars work, wouldn’t Hannan’s addition hamper and set a horrible local example for any future Volchenkov negotiations?

Scissor Me Xerxes

This past weekend featured some more roster cuts — Josh Hennessy, Martin St. Pierre and Derek Smith were returned to Bingo while Mike Hoffman was returned to his junior club in Drummondville.

With only two games left before the start of the regular season, players are running out of time to make their impressions felt and more cuts are expected to be announced after tonight’s game against Tampa.

Winchester Out 3 Weeks

According to the Ottawa Sun, Jesse Winchester has sustained an undisclosed lower body injury that will keep him on the shelf for the next three weeks. (Note: The Citizen is now reporting that it is a knee injury.) With the emergence of Zach Smith and Peter Regin as candidates to crack the squad as centers, the timing of Winnie’s injury could not have been worse. Hell, at this point he should just consider himself fortunate enough to have a one-way contract. It’s the only leverage he has in what’s becoming a congested numbers game at the forward position.

Please Don’t Suck

In a column for Sportsnet, Mike Brophy examines a number of NHL players who are looking for some redemption this season. On a team that had its fair share of underachievers last season, Jonathan Cheechoo was singled out by Brophy as an individual who needs a bounce back from some injury marred seasons.

The New Battle of Ontario

According to TSN:

In its latest court filing, the Balsillie camp suggests that NHL teams hold veto rights over their home territory — something the league has denied in court — citing a recent interview with Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk on Toronto radio station The Fan 590.

The veto issue was raised in the Coyotes case because Balsillie’s US$242.5-million bid for the team is contingent on a move to Hamilton — a city that falls within the Maple Leafs territory.

During Melnyk’s Sept. 17 radio interview, he noted that he’s not allowed to schedule an exhibition game for the Senators at his OHL team’s arena in Mississauga, Ont., because it falls in Toronto’s territory.

Balsillie’s lawyers acknowledged the late timing of the filing.

As if Melnyk needed another opportunity to get his name in the papers or have his voice heard on the radio. This recent court filing is just another invitation for the Euge to go on some shit slinging spree that’s neither necessary or needed. Awesome…