More On Heatley…

You see what I just did there? It’s like, it’s like I blatantly ripped off a local radio afternoon program’s name with a blog title.

Anyways, I was just watching TSN’s That’s Hockey and Geno Reda spent a segment talking to Darren Dreger regarding today’s breaking Dany Heatley trade request.
According to Dreger:
– Dany Heatley was unhappy with Cory Clouston’s style of coaching. Apparently Heatley was upset because he was bumped from the first power play unit to the second.
– Heatley contemplated asking Bryan Murray to trade him at this season’s trade deadline but his agent, JP Barry, preached patience and asked him to hold off.
– At the end of the season, during their one-on-one meeting, Clouston and Heatley aired their concerns and it was decided that Heatley would take his time to see if his emotions would blow over.
– Heatley went to play in the World Championships where he made up his mind that he’d request a trade.
– As of now, Dreger thinks that Pittsburgh, San Jose and Edmonton are logical choices to inquire about Heater’s services.
My comments:
It’s always nice to hear that a star player is more concerned with padding his stats on the first power play unit than appreciate the team success that the Head Coach has helped foster.
In regards to those three aforementioned trade partners? Does San Jose have the right combination of prospects or young players to facilitate a deal? And ignoring the fact that Murray won’t trade Heatley within the Conference, short of offering to engrave Daniel Alfredsson’s name on the Cup if they beat Detroit, what does Pittsburgh have to offer? Finally, no offense to Edmonton…it’s just that, no one really wants to play in Edmonton.
LA Kings or bust!