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Update @ 3:30PM:

In a piece over at Yahoo! Sports, Puck Daddy details a conversation that John Buccigross had on Gabriel Morency’s Sirius Satellite Radio program last night. Here’s how Buccigross explained the LA / SJ / Ottawa three-way trade that has been debunked by every other hockey journalist or news source:

“Right now, obviously, nothing is officially done or it would have been announced by all parties. What I heard earlier tonight was that it was a three-team trade. First I had heard it was going to be tonight or tomorrow. Obviously they want to move him before training camp. So I sniffed around and my best source, who’s been perfect for me, mentioned he got an email from a front office personnel member. He forwarded me the email, and it’s a pretty significant name (laughs) in the NHL, and I thought ‘Boy, I would have gone on it just with my initial source, because he’s been great for me.’ Then he showed me this email, and it was completely supporting it.

“So I was surprised when it hasn’t come through tonight. Now, things are complicated, there could be other parts to it, but I still believe he will be moved. But it appears, as I was told, is not going to happen tonight anyway.”

It really makes you wonder though. If Buccigross is willing to put himself out there like this and Bruce Garrioch is priding himself on being the first to report a rumour that has been shot down by all three involved parties, maybe where there’s smoke, there’s fire. That or they have the same sources and Buccigross took it too far. Ah, the perks of hiding behind a veil of anonymity.

Bryan Murray and Dany Heatley had a face to face meeting today, Murray tried to convince Heatley to accept a trade to the Oilers…

not sure how that will end up but Murray is still trying to trade him by today, as of now it’s between the Sharks and Oilers… official offer has been made from the Sharks, but the Oilers offer is still on the table.Im sure rumors will pick up going into tonight. ~ NHLSourcesSay via Twitter.