Note to Penner: We Are Michalek’s Anonymous

If it wasn’t easy enough to dislike Dustin Penner after his Anaheim Ducks beat the Senators in the 2007 Cup Finals, it might be a little easier to hate on the guy after he dropped these lines to some Edmonton journalists…

“There’s really not much to say about the situation,” Penner said. “I don’t think there’ll be much for you guys to write about when we get there.”

Not unless he has another breakout game showing to Ottawa fans what they missed out on.

“I guess that would be good,” he said. “But with the way the season has gone so far, I think they might be thinking that anyway.”~ Sun Media

Dustin Penner is one smug fuck. The way he’s been talking, you’d think he was always this fit and productive. Truth is, sans these past 17 games, he’s done sweet fuck all for the Oilers and was generally regarded as an overweight salary dump in the prospective Heatley deal. (Well, unless you’re pro-Bryan Murray and consider him a genius for having the foresight to try and acquire the previously struggling Penner.)

Dustin, you may think you’re hot shit right now and granted, you’re playing pretty well. Truth is, I’d rather have Milan Michalek because he’s a better player and a little bit less of a douche.

Oh, and if someone would casually remind Jonathan Cheechoo that tomorrow night would be a really good time to start producing, that’d be awesome.

If you’re going to the Sens game tomorrow, do the guys a favour and support the San Jose return. Michalek’s Anonymous unite!