Oracle of Bullshit Part 3: Beating A Dead Horse

Well, the Ottawa Sun is back to shitting all over Dany Heatley for another day. Interestingly, the Ottawa Citizen has also jumped in on the latest fad by refuting that Heatley and Clouston are mired in a feud. Frankly, I can’t wait for the Senators to play tonight so that the local media will have something tangible to write about.

For all the fans who are upset about the blown context of the Clouston quotes, remember that there’s no one to blame but Dany Heatley. Why? In order to understand, you’ll have to remember this bomb that he dropped on the Ottawa media after a loss in the month of December.

“We weren’t good enough. You guys are going to break down, however you break it down. You come up with something new every day. The bottom line is we’re not getting wins.” ~ Dany Heatley, The Ottawa Sun

At that time, here’s what I wrote at the time:

While I’m sure Dany Heatley was referring to the beat writers finding their own suggestions for what’s wrong, Don Brennan might have taken Heatley a little too literally. (On a side note, has there ever been a 50 goal guy who plays in a Canadian market who’s less quotable than Heatley? He’s been here for a few years now and the guy’s been quoted less than Alexei Kaigorodov. Similarly, Dany, what the fuck are you thinking? You’ve got the perfect gig. You ride shotgun to the biggest lightning rod for criticism in Spezza. Why on earth would you draw attention and criticism towards yourself from the fans and the goofs at the Sun? You already know how this is going to end: First your shot at the media, then they’ll be writing about your one-dimensional offensive game, then the fans will discuss a potential trade, then fans will discuss how noticeable your beer belly was when they saw you at a local establishment, and then we’ll ride you out of town. And then Bruce Garrioch will take credit. C’est la vie. ~ The 6th Sens, Wednesday December 17th, 2008.

That Heatley quote prompted this quick response:

Dany Heatley’s best shots of the night came after, not during, the Senators embarrassing 4-1 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers at Scotiabank Place Tuesday. They were directed at the media. On an evening when the Senators highest paid player did little else other than take an undisciplined double minor and misconduct with just under four minutes to go and feint hope still alive, Heatley was in a surly mood during a post-game scrum “You guys are going to break it down how you have to break it down,” Heatley said. “But the bottom line is we’re not getting wins. It’s in the room. We’ve got to find a way to do that.” A little later, he told reporters “you guys come up with some thing new every day,” when asked for answers. Yeah, we come up with something new every day, Dany boy. It’d be nice if you and your team could, too. Like, maybe a little effort? Maybe some goals? Maybe doing what you’re paid to do, too? ~ Don Brennan, Off the Posts

And now, it’s gotten to the point where Bruce Garrioch is stating that Dany Heatley could get dealt once the season’s over.

It’s all going according to plan…