Please Stop Hyping Sensationalist Drivel

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Lately in Ottawa there’s been this heightened sense of angst regarding Dany Heatley. Since his press conference, I’ve noticed a trend that fans are perhaps taking the Heatley news just a little too personally. Perhaps the biggest proprietor of this sensationalist movement is a fucking Bruins fan that masquerades as a beat writer for the Ottawa Sun. Yes, it is the great Don Brennan who is vehemently demanding that Dany be stripped of his assistant captaincy. And like a bunch of Film Actors Guild members from the movie Team America World Police, some Sens fans are listening to him like he’s Alec Baldwin and are banging their fists on the table while yelling “Rabble, rabble, rabble” in unison.

It’s the latest turn of events — fans bitching and moaning about the fact that the organization hasn’t removed his letter. Can we not just have a little bit of faith in the organization’s management and coaching staff to do the right thing here? Or is all that good will that Cory Clouston built up at the end of last season already gone? The man obviously deserves some credit. Anyone who wants to have an eye-to-eye conversation without a stool so that he’s not only getting looked down upon literally and figuratively, deserves some. And why diminish Heatley’s value further when Murray’s still working the phones in efforts to trade him? Are fans this short sighted?

Besides, it’s not like removing his letter will mean anything. I wouldn’t put it past Dany to follow in the footsteps of that trailblazing Roberto Luongo and wear an A on his helmet. (Not unlike Captain America.)

More Sensationalist Drivel?

Kovalev, who spent the last four seasons the Habs, said he decided to accept the deal with the Senators because they were the only team outside of Montreal to offer a two-year deal.

“We couldn’t get any better offer from anybody else,” said Kovalev. “Ottawa was kind of the last choice for us. If we didn’t sign, we were going to end up someplace else for one year.” ~ The Ottawa Sun

So Ottawa was Alexei Kovalev’s last choice, out of the two teams that offered 2-year contracts. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend why this is newsworthy material. Granted, Sens fans are a little thin-skinned right now and perhaps deservedly so. However, Kovalev stuck it the Montreal Canadiens and spurned his former team for their division rivals and the Sens are a better team for it.

Like it or not, Ottawa’s not going to the most sought after destination for free agents and that’s not meant to slight our city. It’s simply the truth. Assuming that all money is equal, free agents typically want to play in relative anonymity where it’s warm. And since Ottawa has seemingly lost their perennial contender status as an elite team in the NHL (fuck you Johnny Mucks!), it’s difficult to lure talent to this team without overpaying for services. So even though Kovalev signed because of the money and length of term, it’s important to recognize the fact that despite all of his off-ice bullshit, Dany Heatley would rather return to a hostile environment here than play in Edmonton. Now that says something.

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