Post Mortem

Thanks to TSN’s expert who once coached the Hartford Whalers to a last place finish, there’s a new term in The 6th Sens glossary. The care meter. Jason Spezza’s and Mike Fisher’s might have been working last night, but mine broke after the third Philadelphia goal.

Thanks for the new term Pierre. You’re the best.

Peruvian Marching Powder

I’ve never been a big Ray Emery fan. Even when the Senators were winning here, I was never truly impressed with his play. Like Lalime and Tugnutt before him, I thought he was the beneficiary of playing behind a ridiculously strong Senators squad. That being said, I hope Ray has his shit together and continues to have a productive season for the Flyers. As an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year, I’d love for Rayzor to get a large offer from a team and suck some precious cap away from an Eastern Conference rival.

Bryan Murray Crazy?

I see Murray today said he’s looking to add a forward – am I crazy or is the team’s biggest weakness on defence?  Picard and Lee are garbage…garbage! ~ Isaac

No Isaac, you’re not crazy. The Senators defensive situation isn’t very attractive right now and when Erik Karlsson wasn’t ready, it’s forced the team to reassess the situation. There’s no question that the Senators are in a bit of a tough situation, having to balance the need to make a push for the playoffs without giving up too much of the future. And with Karlsson and Cowen likely in tow for next season, Bryan Murray has to assure that their roster spots aren’t blocked next season.

That being said, Eklund says there’s a Sens rumour involving the Hawks and Seabrook. It’s a bit of a pipe dream scenario however I’m curious…If Chicago offered up Seabrook for Volchenkov, would you find a way to get a deal done?


There’s not a lot of love being shown to Pascal Leclaire lately and for good reason. His recent penchant for giving up some soft goals has Sens fans and TSN emcees muttering the names of Lalime and Gerber. To be fair to Leclaire, unlike his predecessors, he hasn’t had the ability to play behind a good blueline corps.

Ah well, the only positive for me if Leclaire continues his sloppy play is that I’ll get to use this photo more often…


Little Enigma?

With each passing game, it’s looking more and more likely that last year’s point production from Ryan Shannon was nothing more than a cock-tease. It’s a reflection of Shannon’s inability to score that fans have begun to rally around a Free Sloth! movement. Now, I can appreciate Donovan’s effort level and refusal to complain about his role, but they’re exemplary characteristics to champion when expectations of production and one’s salary are low.

Fight of the Night