Preaching Patience

“We have to move on and we’re moving on. We got an elite forward who can replace (Heatley). Either way, we’re ready to go forward … without Alex signing on, I might be nervous about our competitiveness. There will be nights when people will be in awe. (Kovalev) playing with (Jason) Spezza or alongside Alfie (Daniel Alfredsson), I think you’re going to see magic.” ~ Eugene Melnyk, via the Ottawa Sun

Confused? Well, you should be since this statement was made one day after the owner indicated that a Heatley return is possible. Without any imminent clarity, we may have to follow Melnyk’s approach and allow for the situation to play itself out. Either Dany Heatley comes forward and makes some kind of public statement that declares his intentions or we await his arrival at training camp. Whichever comes first.

Until then, I’ll continue to wait patiently and pretend that we care that depth fodder like Geoff Kinrade had signed with the organization. However, what I won’t do is sit back and not rip on Sens fans who’ve become “that guy”.

Everyone should know who I’m talking about here. Those fans who are slightly less pathetic than the Edmonton Oilers who have admittedly haven’t given up on Heatley. They’re the ones who have completely flipped their position and think that a returning Dany Heatley is the best possible situation for the hockey team.

Let me pose the question:

If your girlfriend asked for a break, would you be fine with it?

Think hard on that. Sure, she may have been a fine piece of ass in university but that was when she was younger and in her prime. Now, she spends 10 hours a day behind a desk at some government job and her ass is starting to resemble cottage cheese. Her game is slipping but you don’t notice it. You can only picture her in her glory days. Blinded by the past.

Naturally, your friends try to raise your spirits by hitting the scene. After striking out with the ladies at the local watering holes, you leave the bar early and wind up at the rippers. After grossly overpaying for a lap dance, you still wind up at home — alone and unsatisfied. As the days go by during this two-week hiatus, you begin to doubt yourself and question whether or not you really can do better without her. You’re too scared to see what else is out there because deep down, you really know that it’s you who has the problems, not her.

Some of you Sens fans expect things to happen too much overnight. Instead of viewing long-term solutions, everyone wants the quick fix. Snap out of it people. You’re Heatley whipped!