Quibbles and Bits

There’s a new development for the Senators organization regarding their jerseys. Just a few days after The Hockey News declared that the Sens had the second worst uniform in the NHL, the Binghamton Sens one-upped their parent club and took home the worst honours in the AHL.

So even though there’s no question that it’s shittier than their Non-Sequitur comic strip inspired alternate design, is it really the worst in the AHL?

Maybe, maybe not. That`s the fun with these “best uniform“ contests — controversy sparks discussion. And at least it`s a small distraction from the Dilated Dany trade rumours.

However, if the next progression sees The Euge’s St. Mike’s squad get slapped with a shitty OHL ranking, some might start to get suspicious.

Youk Gets Away With It Because He’s An Asshole

Sitting here watching last night’s sports highlights and I’m reminded of how I just don’t get baseball fights.
Oh, I completely understand why Kevin Youkilis charged Rick Porcello. The kid has a good fastball and he planted it right in the middle of Youk’s back. But how does Youkilis get away with throwing his helmet at the pitcher? And why does everyone have to jump in?
They should be left to settle their differences, like men. Like hockey players.
~ Don Brennan, OTP

Now re-read that paragraph and keep it mind that this is the same person who infamously wrote:

Crosby’s got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander? The Senators have to find out.

Nice faux-class…

Speaking of things that are fake, Lyle “Spector” Richardson recently and penned a piece over at Fox Sports that details the nonsense involved in some of the Dany Heatley rumours.