The Day After: Hits and Giggles


  • All it took was one win to quiet that sect of the Sens Army population who maintain that Erik Karlsson is too small to play in the NHL.
  • According to Cory Clouston, Brian Elliott’s scheduled to make a start in the next two to three games. I have actually have no idea who this Brian Elliott is. I was too busy looking at the new goaltender of the future’s OHL stats.
  • Some Leafs fan is irked by Bruce Garrioch for blowing off Jonas Gustavsson’s hype after last night’s game. He raises a valid point by attributing to the fact that Ottawa only scored twice on the Monster and one of the goals was the result of a controversial high-stick. (And by controversial, I mean the stick was over the crossbar.)This is all well and good, but it completely ignores the fact that Shean “Sloth” Donovan scored a goal and that should never happen.
  • This warrants another look:

  • John Tavares plays his first game on Canadian soil at Scotiabank Place tomorrow. Wayne Gretky played his last game on Canadian soil. How is that for building up the rookie?” ~ Bruce Garrioch, OTP. Umm, Bruce, that’s not build up. That’s coincidence.
  • Jason Spezza missed today’s practice with some bumps and bruises but will play tomorrow night against the Isles. Hopefully he doesn’t draw some causation between these and his noticeably better defensive play.
  • I was watching some video of Ottawa’s first regular season game in modern history and Ron MacLean dropped an awesome line in reference to the number of fans who wore togas to the game. “The sheets have hit the fans.” Here’s the video:

  • Also, tomorrow (October 8th) marks the day when Ottawa got their first win in modern history. Celebrate by making fun of your Habs fan co-workers.
  • This isn’t related to hockey but I thought it was funny. I was walking down Bank St. yesterday afternoon and passed bya woman at one of the intersections. Anyways,she was engaged in a conversation with a friend when they were interrupted by her terrier that started yapping at another dog across the street. In an effort to quiet the dog, she gave one quick pull of the leash and a dropped a “Shut up you retard!” Ah,the irony in hearing a disabled person use a termused to negatively describe another form of disability. Classy.