Rebuttal to a Commenter

I was going to respond to this in the comment thread, but with the lack of news, I figured it’d be more worthwhile to respond in an actual piece and I wanted to draw some attention to the fact that even our website isn’t immune from dumb readers. (I know, we’re just as disappointed as you are.)

It is fine to take cheap shots at Emery (or Britney Spears, wtf – a new low for this blog?!…) whatever makes you feel like a big swinging dick, I guess. The reality is that most players would rather eat dog s#!t than live/play in Ottawa.

Cheap shots at Emery and Spears? Everything I said was factual. Wikipedia that shit my friend!

In fact, most Canadians who have any business with the NHL do everything possible to do that business in a US city… They quickly get the hell out of Ottawa and would only consider this city if there was no other alternative.

If that was true, why wouldn’t Wade Redden waive his NTC to go to San Jose in 2008? Unsubstantiated blanket statements are the best!

When the team was a Cup contender, it was a bit easier to sign the odd free agent who wanted a shot, but as a bottom feeder?! One agent told me he doesn’t even expect the team to survive more than a decade if it falls out of the top ten. “All else being equal, nobody wants Ottawa” – his words, not mine. “When the team stops winning, the players won’t want to sign there and the fans will drop the team and go back to cheering for the Habs and the Leafs”.

Even when the team was a Cup Contender, they never made big splashes in free agency. Instead the organization has bargain hunted (Hasek) or completely whiffed on free agency (Gerber, Corvo, Jason Smith). I’m glad you mentioned earlier that I must feel like a big swinging dick for ripping on Emery. You must feel quite large yourself after needlessly diclosing the fact that you know an agent. And who fucking cares what an agent thinks of the Ottawa situation? His comments are almost more ridiculous than the advice given to Heatley by JP Barry and McAlpine. Besides, if fans will get off the bandwagon and root for the Habs and Leafs, isn’t that a condemnation of how shitty Leafs and Habs fans are?

The fact of the matter is that the majority of Sens fans are converted Leafs and Habs fans isn’t that big of a deal. Those were the cards that we were dealt. You can’t hold it against the older generations of the fanbase that there wasn’t a team here when they were conceived. The modern Senators aren’t even two decades old. I don’t think you can criticize the fans here until the first generation of kids who’ve grown up with the team can afford to form the season’s ticket base.

Don’t take my word for it? Ask Salo, Corvo, Commodore, Chara, Heatley, Emery, Bonk, et al… Of course, that is because they are all douchebags, right!? Hm…

Why would I say that all these guys were douchebags? Of any of the players on the list, the only one who allegedly didn’t like it here was Emery.

Sami Salo was traded for Peter Schaefer. He never left on his own accord.

Mike Commodore left to sign a ridiculous contract in Columbus. Murray also said he wasn’t interested in resigning him.

Chara never wanted to leave Ottawa according to an article by Doug Fischer that ran in the Citizen last season.

We have no idea why Heatley wants out and I’m not going to speculate on it.

Bonk was dealt.

Even Kovalev freely admits that he only took the deal because nothing else good was on the table. You can thank the CBA for him and for trapping Heatley here too.

The truth is that Ottawa is a small, cold, boring and dirty city. The people consider themselves to be educated (in the game), so they assume that it gives them some divine right to badger players. The press is rabid, rude and suffers from their own perceived superiority.

Here’s what I wrote when Kovalev made his comment:

So Ottawa was Alexei Kovalev’s last choice, out of the two teams that offered 2-year contracts. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend why this is newsworthy material. Granted, Sens fans are a little thin-skinned right now and perhaps deservedly so. However, Kovalev stuck it the Montreal Canadiens and spurned his former team for their division rivals and the Sens are a better team for it.

Like it or not, Ottawa’s not going to the most sought after destination for free agents and that’s not meant to slight our city. It’s simply the truth. Assuming that all money is equal, free agents typically want to play in relative anonymity where it’s warm. And since Ottawa has seemingly lost their perennial contender status as an elite team in the NHL (fuck you Johnny Mucks!), it’s difficult to lure talent to this team without overpaying for services. So even though Kovalev signed because of the money and length of term, it’s important to recognize the fact that despite all of his off-ice bullshit, Dany Heatley would rather return to a hostile environment here than play in Edmonton. Now that says something.

Regardless of the forum, fans will shit on whomever because they’re fans. It’s the nature of sports. As much as some people hate Emery, there’s another sect of the Sens fanbase that hates some other player. Don’t believe me? Go spend an afternoon on a construction site and talk Sens hockey with the workers. I can guarantee that 90% of tradesmen will assure you that Ottawa’s problems stem from the pussification of Jason Spezza.

I concede the point that the press here gets a reputation for being rabid, rude and suffering from their own perceived superiority but typically, these characteristics apply only to the members of the Ottawa Sun. Personally, I usually enjoy the columns of Ken Warren, Doug Fischer and the work of Ian Mendes. But because of the popular tabloid coverage by the Sun, out of town players and fans will view Sens fans as an extension of hack journalism. It’s a case of vicarious shitability.

What does Brennan earn to spit out his crap?! – $30k per year?? (Check your ego at the door big dog…)

I like ripping on Brennan as much as the next guy but who cares what he earns? I assume you gross more than 30K a year since you felt compelled to needlessly rip Brennan’s wage. Do you feel like a big swinging dick now?

Even in real hockey markets like Boston, New York, Chicago, etc., players generally walk around without a hassle. Why then would anyone want to play in Ottawa, where a bad game generates all kinds of crap from fans who have nothing else to feed their obsession!?

You’re obviously not too familiar with Larry Brooks then.

Be honest with yourself for a minute. Pretend that you have millions in the bank, a great pension plan, medical coverage, etc… Where would you play. A shitty little hockey-crazed town like Ottawa, or a place like San Jose, L.A., or Florida, where you can enjoy your wealth and your down time a bit? Just a bit of food for thought – did Gretsky run back to Canada?

I already touched upon this. Also, I don’t know who Gretsky is but if you meant Wayne Gretzky, then do your homework. When Gretzky became an UFA after playing with the Blues, he wanted to sign in Toronto but the Leafs couldn’t reciprocate his interest. Instead, he opted to sign with the Rangers.

Emery is not an angel and I’m not really defending him, as much as I am pointing out the shitty attitude that this blog shares with most fans in Ottawa. We give ourselves the right to say and do whatever to the players.

What shitty attitude is that? The one that says if a player is going to be irresponsible and enjoys the limelight while winning, he should be accountable and be able to take the heat when his team is losing?

So, call Emery a douchebag and Spears a slut, but the joke is on Ottawa.

Or the joke is on you for making a mountain out of a molehill. From your IP address, I know that you’re living in Ottawa. If you’re just a Leafs or Habs fan who laments the fact that a former territory is now full of Sens fans, you can take your comments elsewhere. This shitty attitude website doesn’t need your commentary.