Rebuttal to a Commenter Pt II

Whomever said that sequels were never as good as the original was right. Now I know what it must have felt like to be the screenwriter for the Karate Kid II. Anyways, our new favorite reader Grinder, posted a response to the last piece. Here’s what I have to say:
I never said you were stupid Nichols – just that you have a bad attitude. Your response to my comment was cute, but I hope you didn’t lose too much sleep over it. I was trying to get a reaction from you and I got it. Thanks, it was fun.
First of all, thanks for responding rather than tuck tail and walk away. You didn’t have to mention that you were seeking a reaction, I came to that conclusion by seeing that you’ve spent close to 3 hours on the site in the past day.
Frankly, I didn’t lose any sleep over what you said. Given a man of your stature, I’m just flattered that you take the time to read our material. Besides, it can actually be enjoyable to engage someone who has some different philosophies. Besides, news is slow and I have no interest in discussing Dany’s travel arrangements so authoring a rebuttal was a nice change of pace. However, I’m not too sure why you equate a shitty attitude with me referring to Emery as a douchebag. (But I’ll address this later…)
To answer some of your comments… You are quite right, I make more money in a month than most of you make in a year and I AM a big swinging dick… At least I’m a real one, not a wannabe. Just because Brennan gets a forum for his crap doesn’t make him anything… That was my point. You read that I was wealthy “between the lines”. Sun reporters are not punks because they earn little money, they earn little money because they are punks.
Again, my point stands: What does money have to do with anything? If we’re going to sit here and disparage Sun reporters, shit on them because they rely upon the utilization of one-sentence paragraphs to articulate a thought. Or shit on them for thinking that the combination of hair gel and male pattern baldness is a good idea. (Eat it Steve Simmons.)
Since you brought it up, I also know more than just a few agents. I talk to coaches, agents and players on a regular basis and I stand by everything I said. I CERTAINLY don’t know everything about hockey, nor do I pretend to know everything about hockey. I’m too busy to know it all. In fact, that’s why I check out a bunch of these blogs, when I feel out of touch. I was in South carolina for a week, so i checked you out to see if there was any news. Too bad all I found was a bad Britney reference and a few new cheap shots.
That’s the thing, there hasn’t been any groundbreaking news worthy of discussion lately. Sure, I could have indulged my audience with a monotanous exhibition game recap or I could have fabricated some rumours, but that’s not what this site is for. Tim and I try to write some humorous, satirical pieces discussing the Sens. I’d like to think that we do a decent job of providing some unique/different perspectives of the team than some of the other sites out there. If you feel that the Britney/Emery piece was a miss, that’s okay. I won’t take it personally.
However, I think you’re missing the context of my Ray Emery barb. It’s not directed towards him personally. I don’t know the guy. Nor do I claim to. I’m just basing that comment on the observation that he pissed away three things: millions of dollars; the starting gig on a Stanley Cup Finalist; and almost his career. And for what? Because he walked around with a sense entitlement, partied too hard and didn’t want to work hard? It’s asanine. He was supposed to be the goaltender of the future and he blew it through his own stupidity. The man’s an idiot.
Moving on… You are correct in your assertion that the idiots in the media are at the Sun (mostly). I know Bruce a bit from the golf club… he’s okay, but only sort of (just kidding Bruce).
Well, it’s no secret that the guys who are good in the media always wind up in Toronto. (Ie. Duthie, MacGregor, etc.)
That said, I have seen most of the world and Ottawa really has become a dirty little city. I took a walk through the Byward Market last weekend and it still smells like piss, there is a lack of decent clubs or restaurants and the sidewalks are littered with crack heads. It reminds me of walks I once took along Hastings Street in Vancouver. At least they keep the filth isolated in Vancouver and have a few world class attractions, restaurants, etc… (Vancouver is great when it isn’t pouring rain)!

Weird. The only time I smell piss while being downtown is when I’m in the stairwell of one of the parking garages close to York Street. Are you sure you weren’t wandering around Constance Bay in a drunken stupor?
So, like some hockey players, if I didn’t need to be here in Ottawa to earn my considerable income, I would leave in a heartbeat. Like Heatley, I’m trapped here for now.

You’re not trapped. Just have your employer talk to your lawyers and have them market you as an asset to your competitors. There’s hope yet.
Oh! and By the way… J.P. Barry is a great agent, just ask Alfie. So you can all take shots at him if you feel like it, but he is respected by your team captain and many people in the league.

Not everything Alfie says or does should be taken as gospel. He was in favour of ousting Paul Kelly and that’s been somewhat of a hot button topic amongst reputable players. (Ie. Ted Lindsay, Jeremy Roenick, etc.) Don’t read this as a knock on Alfie. I’m not well-versed in whether Kelly was the right man for the job. I’m just trying to convey the point that Alfie can say some controversial stuff.
If any of you self-appointed experts knew how many players ask management to be moved, you would feel stupid for trashing Heatley so much, just because the Sun tells you to be mad. I have no idea who leaked the news, but I seriously doubt it was Heatley or his advisors. I can’t prove that though, so my guess is as good as yours.
Okay, now here’s a meaty comment that’s worthy of discussion. If the players despise the members of the media, and a large sect of the populace dislikes the Sun, why the fuck would Senators players believe that the opinions expressed in the Sun are truly representative of the popular opinion in this city? If I’m employed by the Senators public relations department and I’m suppose to brief the players on how to deal with the media, the first thing I’d do is encourage them not to invest emotion, time or thought into what the Sun writes.
Also of note, I have been a Sens fan since before you could spell Gretsky/Gretzky and have had season tickets since the days of the Lazy Boy chairs in the Senate Gold Circle at the Civic Centre. Don’t think that anyone who is critical of this organization is a Leafs’ fan (right eli!?). I have never been a Leaf fan, but that doesn’t make me numb to the fact that we run players out of town in Ottawa as if THAT is the real sport.
Congrats on those season’s tickets, I’ve been there since day one with you. Whether it was standing in line for hours with my father at the old Senators’ office on Moodie Drive waiting for the opportunity to pick our seats. There’s a very good chance my parents had season’s tickets two rows behind you. Hell, there’s an even better chance that I was that kid who nicked the Bodycheck magazines that you left behind under your seat following the final buzzer. Tim’s also been there since day one. Maybe one day, he’ll scan and publish the photo he had taken with Mike Peluso and his 24″ fingers during the innaugural year.
ALL these guys have faults, but they are all just guys. People should just give them a break already and appreciate the talent they bring to the ice. That includes Emery who took this team all the way to the finals. So what if he only had two cheap suits and enjoyed a good party.
Okay, I understand that players are human beings and that they’re allowed to make mistakes. I think a number of us took this approach and embraced Dany when John Muckler acquired him from Atlanta. We gave him the benefit of the doubt. But being a sports fan is a weird thing. We’ll overlook mistakes and stupidity, but we have a difficult time overlooking disloyalty. I can empathize and understand that partying is a subculture of the NHL. I get that. But when it comes to guys like Emery and Redden, when they were given financial and job security, they fucked the dog and didn’t put in the effort. They didn’t take care of themselves in the offseason and it reflected in their play. If the effort’s not there, you’re susceptible to criticism and I think that’s fair.
As for a bunch of other points you tried to make… Here is rapid fire: Gretzky never wanted to sign with the Leafs – that’s b.s., but I’ll ask him when I see him on the golf course… Gretz never struck me as a loser. As for Chara, he was packed and ready to leave six months before the end of the season. YOU do YOUR homework buddy (actually, don’t you have any tonight?).
If by homework you’re implying actually talking to the player when I bumped into him at the gym then yeah, I’ve done it. Granted, it could have been lip-service, but I’ll take that over the opinion of some anonymous commenter who keeps referencing his income and the size of his cock.
Just because people say all the polite and right things in the media doesn’t always make it true. Take Salo, he and his lovely wife were happy (no THRILLED) to leave, because he was tired of constant attacks in the media. Call a guy soft over and over when he works his ass off for you and eventually he hates you for it. Don’t any of you get that!?
Like Tim mentioned in the last comment thread, Salo was ripped by the media because of his inherent ability to find himself on the IR. Whether it’s fair or not, the media criticized him for it. But the book is out on the Sun, it’s tabloid journalism and it often dwells on the negative. By now players should know not to become emotionally invested in Don Brennan’s chicken scratches. And if they can’t be that thick-skinned, then they need to look for a new profession.
Your point about Tampa is true. I spend a ton of time in Tampa and have met Torts. He probably deserves any crap he gets! (What a guy!?!). Tampa’s press is pretty aggressive and they have been critical of the coaches, including Melrose and Tocs (both of whom have had a very public fight in the Tampa media). They don’t give the players much press though. Hockey is usually buried behind any one of many sports… and the players drive home in convertibles after games, even in December.
Larry Brooks is a writer for the NY Post, in that Torts interview, he was covering Jersey. But whatever, you understood the point that I was trying to convey. The media can be tough anywhere but the media exposure in Canada is definitely greater. Player’s are just more under the microscope and are bigger celebrities off the ice. What’s the old adage. “It’s good to play in Canada when you’re winning”?  
Also, I don’t think a negative or critical media is exclusive to Ottawa. Remember last year’s tiff between Ron Wilson and Howard Berger? What about the Montreal media’s coverage of the Canadiens and some possible mob connections?
But, none of that is to the point… I stand by my comment that most players (especially GOOD players) still don’t want anything to do with Ottawa. I’m sorry that it makes you so angry, but it is true.
No, it doesn’t bother me. The combination of playing in a Canadian city, cold weather, bad media, an average team, and ugly uniforms aren’t the most enticing factors to play here. We have no control over the first two factors, but fuck it, we’re trying to change the latter two.
Anyway, don’t blow an artery over my comments. Just having some fun. Nobody takes a shot at Britney on my watch! Ooops I did it again!
No worries. No offence taken.