San Jose Retools By Using the Alphabet

In some breaking news that likely won’t have any bearing on the Ottawa Senators,the San Jose Sharks are now devoid of any leaders. According to TSN, Head Coach Todd McLellan told the Mercury News that all their leadership positions are now vacant.

The wheels inside Dany Heatley’s head must be spinning like crazy. Asa man who reportedly wants a leadership position and for a team that’s already on his list of preferable destinations to be traded to, this news must have him salivating at the prospect of playing in California.

If I’m Dany, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. In an ironic twist of fate, his fate hinges upon whether someone else waives their NMC instead. The fact that the Sharks organization has just gone public with news that they’ve stripped Patrick Marleau of his captaincy reflects their desperation to shake things up.  Prior to this step, it’s reasonable to assume that they’ve tried every other way to handle this situation privately and quietly.  Similarly, it’s also reasonable to assume that up to this point, Marleau has rebuffed their attempt(s) to trade him. By blatantly embarrassing him in this public manner, they’re hoping that it will expedite a trade and possibly help broker another deal down the road — maybe even for Heatley.

Make no mistake, even though training camp is just around the corner, Doug Wilson had promised to shake things up this summer following another disappointing playoff loss. And to this point, he’s yet to make the large splash that many had expected of him. With his team pressed up against the salary cap ceiling, moving Marleau or an overpaid, underachiever in Jonathan Cheechoo is a necessity. So far, teams either aren’t willing to meet his price, or Marleau’s refused to waive his movement clause.

For a summer that’s given Sens fans headaches, it’s always nice to see that we’re not the only franchise that’s going through a rough patch. It’s just too bad that Ottawa doesn’t have a President’s Trophy banner to hang their hats on…