SchUboat Sunk

Back in May, I penned an article discussing how Christoph Schubert’s development was stunted by the organization following the ’07 Cup Run. Here’s what I wrote:

Unless he’s dealt, Christoph Schubert will enter training camp in the same position he’s been in the past two years — As an undeveloped project who feels that he deserves the opportunity to play full time back there. It doesn’t help matters that Bryan Murray has assembled a very average defense that is deep in numbers. Things are so bad for Schubert that he’s not even being discussed as a candidate by the local media. Simply put, he’s an afterthought. A one-time prospect who has detrimentally wasted the last two seasons of development for an organization’s short-term gain.

Maybe I’m being a bit naive to assume that he would have developed properly if given the opportunity to play fulltime without having to worry about making mistakes. But I’ve always been the kind of sports fan who would rather watch a player with upside play over a shitty veteran any day of the week. It’s the same reason I abstained from watching Blue Jays baseball for a portion last season when Kevin Mench and Brad Wilkerson were shitting the bed and stealing at bats from Adam Lind and Travis Snider.

This afternoon, Schubert was placed on waivers and it shouldn’t come as a surprise for Sens fans. Schubie has never struck me as a favorite of Bryan Murray. It probably helped that there have been numerous Bruce Garrioch paragraphs that indicated that Schubert has been available on the trading block for years. However, the most recent indication that he was likely to be a roster casualty occurred when he was announced as a late addition to Ottawa’s lineup for their final exhition game against Boston on Friday night.

It’s probably safe to assume that another team informed Bryan Murray that they’d be interested in acquiring Schubert but via trade.

Even though he never really developed in this organization, I sort of feel badly for him and want to wish him well if he’s afforded the opportunity to play elsewhere. (Emphasis on the word want.) Does it make me a bad person if I’d rather see him become another Peter Schastlivy than another Pavol Demitra?

In other news, The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Zach “Without the K” Smith has been sent down to Bingo. With the roster now down to 24 healthy bodies, Clouston admitted that he will cut another defenceman and forward in the next two days. My money’s on Donovan and Lee getting the axe but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Jesse Winchester returns from injury in a couple of weeks.