Scouting the Sens: Utterly Depressing Shit Pt II

Now that we’re now past the trade deadline, there seems to be a ton of speculation pertaining to what the Senators need to do in the offseason to return to prominence in the Eastern Conference. That being said, I figured it’d be a great opportunity to check in with the experts to see what they have to say. And no, I’m not talking about the folks at HNIC, TSN, THN or ESPN, for analysis, I’m going to a higher power – I’m talking about the puck bunnies over at

Disclaimer: The following things weren’t written by me or anyone at The 6th Sens. I’ve simply copied and pasted them from these ridiculous forums.

Jarkko Ruutu: that’s what people don’t get about Jaks, he’s smart and flirtatious and charming, not your usual dumb athlete. I’d kill to have him look at me and say you’re beautiful, the look in his eyes…damn!~ Anonymous sophomore

Shean Donovan: Shean Donovan sucks. ~ Anonymous

Mike Fisher: Let’s see…Underwood goes to 2 games against the Leafs and we lose, Duff goes to 1 and we win. Things that make you go mmmmmmmm. ~ Anonymous Veteran

Alfie: ALFIE IS THE BEST, he is super nice ~ Anonymous Sophomore

Dany Heatley: (In reference to his dilated pupil) Gives him character!!!! Everyone has a flaw and that is his, but hes still gorgeous ~ Anonymous Sophomore

Chris Kelly: MOST BORING MAN ALIVE ~ Anonymous

Chris Neil: Chris Neil = Thug and no good hockey player!!! ~ Anonymous

Filip Kuba: He has the sexiest big nose I’ve ever seen! I’ve loved him since Tampa. Never could’ve dreamed Ottawa would be lucky enough too snag him! ~ Anonymous

Anton Volchenkov: he’s soooo cute in an ugly way… lol ~ Anonymous

Christoph Schubert: …I think it’s probably better to skip this one.

Brian Elliott: Best Goalie Ever ~ Anonymous