Sens Brass Humours Themselves By Fielding Calls

You have to give the Sens brass credit, if I was trapped on video for an hour fielding calls from season’s ticket holders, I’d have a difficult time refraining from rolling my eyes or stifling a laugh.Rarely under these circumstances do callers flatter the organization with verbal fellatio. Instead, they allow for ticket holders to voice their concerns or to demonstrate their hockey IQ by proposing trades or free agents signings that would have been ideal.

Here were the highlights of today’s event (and as is the norm, my comments will be in bold.)

– Some fan was disappointed with the location of SBP. They were also irked by the amount of time it takes to leave the parking lot. Yawn. Redundancy. People have been complaining about the location for years. If you really need to know why the site is where it is, please read this article by Bruce Firestone explaining the logistics behind the decision. That being said, I’ve never really understood the way the parking lot was designed. For instance, why are the roads that feed into the arena so close to the building? If the lots had been designed with the roads on the perimeter, fans wouldn’t have had to cross these streets and perhaps the process would be more fluid. But if you really hate sitting idle in the parking lot listening to retarded fans call into the post-game show, head into either of Bert’s Bar or Frank Finnigan’s and have a beer and reminisce about how Ottawa blew their opportunity for a Cup when they lost to the Devils in Game of the Eastern Conference. By the time you’re done cursing one of Havlat, Rachunek or Redden, the parking lot traffic will have subsided.

– Another fan voiced his concern with Ottawa’s salary cap situation and how decent players have been signed at an affordable rate.The fan really thought that Travis Moen would have been an ideal compliment to Chris Neil. Because Ottawa’s depth chart isn’t filled up enough with third or fourth line players. Besides, he’s too affordable. Remember, this is an organization that overpays to bring in character role-players.

– Bryan Murray apparently is also contemplating instituting a self-imposed deadline for moving Dany Heatley. The reasoning behind the decision is that he wants to give fans and his coaching staff some finality to the assembled roster so that the organization can move forward. There may be some truth to these words, but I don’t think there’s any question that Murray’s posturing here to encourage the other 29 GMs around the League to pony up their offers.

– Eugene Melnyk addressed the media afterwards. Interestingly, he alluded to how the Heatley situation has really handcuffed the organization from making some other moves. In the following Youtube clip, he discusses how the Sens missed out on an opportunity to move up at the Draft. With the Murray gag order in effect, this is a rare instance into some credible trade information. (E5) (H/t to James Gordon at Hockey Capital for the video link.)

 – According to the Sun, Bryan Murray also left the decision of removing Heatley’s Assistant Captaincy to Cory Clouston. He did however say, “To me leadership is the people who wear the ‘A’. And I would suggest probably Cory and Dany would mutually agree that this hasn’t been the case so far.” Amazingly, this Sun article also uses the words drop dead and Heatley in their headline. Coincidence? I think not.