Stay Classy Brian Burke

In an epic comment thread over at HockeyBuzz, a user with the handle leafericson made this comment in response a post by everyone’s favorite anonymous rumour man:

#3- I don’t call out other professional writers even if they take shots at me.

That’s B.S right there you took a shot a Puck Daddy a few months ago pretty much putting words in his mouth and changing the context in which his comments were meant to be implied. (Click here for link.)

Eklund’s response?

ok. that was a story where Brian Burke contacted me to clear his name. “changing the context in which his comments were meant to be implied” is where you lost me. (Click here for link.)

A classic case of Eklund saying more than he probably realized in implicating Burke. Thankfully Ottawa doesn’t have a GM who contacts Sens Chirp to defend his honour on a whim’s notice. However, I contacted Sens Chirp to get some insight here. When asked if he’d defend Murray’s honour like that, Chirp responded with this:  

“Haha. How’s the pay?”