Sunday Night Grab-Bag

It’s hard enough to write a game recap that can be as encapsulating as an AP one, it’s even more difficult when…

  • …you’re in a Guinness-induced drunken state
  • …the nearest television screen is at least 25′ away
  • …your team is killing it at The Glen’s Trivia Night and takes home 1st place.

Consequently, I’ve decided to piece together a Sunday night grab-bag.


First Line Chemistry:

Listening to last night’s pre-game show on the radio, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of love being directed to the two-way play of Jonathan Cheechoo and Milan Michalek. A number of the “experts” believed that Jason Spezza’s interest in the defensive aspect of the game can be attributed to his two new linemates. Regardless of his motivation — Olympic consideration, linemate influence, maturity — Spezza’s defensive zone play thus far deserves to be recognized, even if it isn’t reflected in his stats.

Looking Back:

Speaking of the return that Murray actually received for Heatley, I was doing some revisionist research and examined Edmonton’s statistics to gauge the development of the return that could have been. Apparently, the trio of Oilers are doing quite well

Dustin Penner — 7GP, 5G, 4A, +5

Andrew Cogliano — 7GP, 2G, 3A, +3

Ladislav Smid — 7GP, 0G, 3A, +8

Maple Leafs Keep Losing

I don’t hate the Maple Leafs organization or their fans as much as some Sens fans. That being said, it sure is fun to watch the losses mount and watch a potential lottery pick slip away. Besides, I’m in favour of anything that makes Mike Toth look like a bigger idiot than he already is.

Kovy Ovations

The Mayor, over at Sens Town, has posted two videos from last night’s game that captured the fan response after Kovalev’s goal and his third star selection.

The Enigma?

Like I mentioned on the website’s Twitter account, how big of an enigma is Kovalev, if everyone predicted that he’d produce against his former club and he followed through?

Too Much Depth

Gerald Norton, of Sensay, makes a valid point discussing Ottawa’s layoff and the roster implications that it could have as some of Ottawa’s injured players get healthy. He even goes the extra-mile and proposes a trade that he’d like to see Ottawa pursue with Nashville.

With Peter Regin, Filip Kuba and Jesse Winchester to return soon, have your say — Who should stay? Who should go?