Technical Difficulties


I think we’ve temporarily resolved the issue of website accessibility. Part of the problem stemmed from Twitter being down for a little bit this morning, so if you were getting Tweet module errors, that’s why. Secondly, there’s an issue stemming from outdated IE browsers that Bloguin is trying to work around and fix. We’ve temporarily disabled a plugin that should fix the issue but if you readers are still having problems, let me know. Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading.

Alright, so we’ve received a number of emails regarding some problems/glitches with the site. One of which is pertaining to the Twitter account that prevented the site from operating. I’ve temporarily removed the Twitter account from publishing it’s content on the website but I need to know if anyone else is having issues with the site. I want to get this straightened out with the web developer ASAP, so if you’re having problems email us at the6thsens[at] or you can use the comment thread below.

Thanks for your patience and for reading.