They Took Our Jerbs

tookourjobs.jpg image by Ka-zu-ya

“The way Peter has played the last two games, playing with Mike Fisher, he’s turned Mike into a scoring machine. (Regin’s) fast, he’s creative, he gets back and helps out defensively, and there’s no question he’s ready to play in the NHL.”

I now pause for some literary love for Erik Karlsson:

“Erik we know is a very talented young man,” Murray said, adding he’d still like to see the 19-year-old make some adjustments on the power play. “Beyond that, he has really come in and played well and – not unexpected, mind you – but certainly (he is) a guy with very strong possibilities, I would say, to make the team.” ~ Bryan Murray, The Ottawa Citizen

For the cynical fucktards who’d use this opportunity to mention the name Brandon Bochenski, Bryan Murray put it best – He turned Mike (Fisher) into a scoring machine. Game. Set. Match.

With the emergence of rookies like Regin and Karlsson, that noise you hear is either the shuddering of veterans who came into camp thinking their job was secure or it might be the sound of Sens Army jumping off the Chris Kelly bandwagon. After spending the past two offseasons purging the roster of talented but flaky players, the Senators braintrust has realized that it’s no longer necessary to keep overpaid character guys who don’t bring that much more to the table than their younger, comparably talented and cheaper counterparts.

With obvious candidates like Kelly, Ruutu, Winchester, Lee, Picard, Schubert and Donovan being mentioned as trade fodder, it’s worth noting that for the first time in weeks, the Senators rumour mill is back in full effect. For those who read my latest piece, you’ll know that I shat on Saskatchewan’s lack of sports appeal. Well, welcome to Ottawa’s other sport, the Bruce Garrioch rumour mill. Or as I like to call it, the equivalent of TSN’s dart program. The only thing that’s missing is having Bruce re-cap his weekly rumour column on local community cable where he can sweat profusely under the bright lights and throw shit at the wall in hopes that it sticks.

And while it may be Regin and Karlsson who are receiving their share of love, it’s worth noting how well Matt Carkner has played thus far. Given his size, Schubert’esque positional flexibility and willingness to drop the gloves, I’m a little surprised at the lack of retrospective shit flinging given to Chris Neil’s recent contract.

Bryan Murray = Executive of the Year?

First it was Doug MacLean giving his endorsement to the Senators return on Heatley. Now it’s Jay Feaster who’s dropping trou to shit on shit on Doug Wilson and the Sharks. Could there be two bigger kisses of death for Sens fans? Can the Sens Army at least get a thumbs up from Ken Holland or some other well respected GM?

Eklund Less Definite?

Apparently Eklund learned a vital blogging lesson on the weekend and vows to post less definite rumours in the future. With a three percent success rate, Eklund’s apparently shooting for the moon here.

Jared Cowen Sent Back to Junior

According to the Globe and Mail, the Senators reduced their roster down to 27 bodies by sending Jared Cowen back to his junior club in Spokane. Even though Cowen may be gone, we suspect the boners that he induced over at The Ottawa Prospector will not be forgotten.