Three Things About Winning

Number One:

Say what you want about the significance of a preseason win but last night’s shitkicking of les Habitants was the organization’s first win in months. Moving forward, I can only hope that last night’s 6-1 victory margin can put an end to some asaninely premature concern that Ottawa was having trouble filling the net.

Number Two:

I never really thought too highly of Habs fans to begin with and after last night’s game, I think even less of them. I can understand Montreal must be bitter, resentful and disappointed by Bob Gainey’s inability to get a deal done with Alexei Kovalev. Especially because Kovalev went public and announced that of the two teams that offered him two-year deals, Ottawa was his second choice. (It came down to money.) It must be frustrating to have a General Manager who’s unwilling to go that extra mile to get a deal done and have another division rival swoop in and lure him away. You may think that Bryan Murray overpaid for Kovalev, but the money’s and term aren’t that offensive. Now, if you’d refrain from muttering the names Chris Kelly, Chris Neil, Mike Fisher, Chris Phillips, and soon to be Anton Volchenkov, that’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (As an aside, does the hometown discount even exist for Candian teams any more?)

Number Three:

Hey number twelve, where have you been? Welcome back to relevancy Mike Fisher. For awhile there I thought you were content to be “that guy who’s dating Carrie Underwood.”

Speaking of Fisher, that was quite the performance that he, Peter Regin and Nick Foligno put on last night. It should also give some ammunition to those who have been calling for him to play the wing for years. If these three continue to perform well and produce, it should provide a nice little buffer for the top line of Michalek, Spezza and Alfie. Unfortunately it still doesn’t solve the issue of the second line center position — Is Ryan Shannon capable of fulfilling the role? Or is his value diminished by being the default option.**

** What I mean here is that as a third line player, Shannon’s speed and production translated into a valuable player. Now that he’s the second line center by default, can he produce enough to justify his role and help the team?