Thursday Morning Opportunity to Drop Trou on MLSE

For the first time since moving into the Air Canada Centre 10 years ago, the NHL’s richest franchise confirms that it has been unable to lease an unspecified number of the facility’s 152 luxury suites for Leafs games this season.

Yet the team does not believe this is the first sign that fans are growing weary of the product.

“We’re certainly aware of the tipping point theory,” Richard Peddie, president and chief executive officer of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the team, said yesterday. “We have not experienced it. But listen, winning is the best thing you can possibly do. People want to be entertained, but they want to be entertained and win. We know we’ve got to turn things around, and we will.” ~ Robert MacLeod, The Globe and Mail

Apparently truculence isn’t as entertaining when the team’s not winning. Uh-oh.