Website Tweaking

Attention Readers:

I’ve done some minor tweaking to the website to help make it a comprehensive source of information and discussion regarding your favorite hockey team.

Here are some of the changes that I’ve made:

  1. On the top menu, you will notice that there’s a new Menu heading called Stats, Standings and Roster — From this menu, you can click and access Ottawa and Binghamton’s statistics, roster and standings without having to leave The 6th Sens website.
  2. Under the About menu heading, I’ve posted a link to our Twitter account and have moved our Email Us link to its own top menu heading.
  3. By using the Email Us link, you’ll be able to use our website to email us directly without having to go to manually open your personal email. I can’t stress enough that I’m trying to build a good forum for discussion here, so I can’t encourage you guys enough to email me with your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, opinions, trade scenarios, anti-Leaf sentiments, whatever. Email us and I can make a mailbag feature a weekly/bi-weekly event to look forward to.
  4. I’ve moved the Search function to the right-hand side of the website. The feature is self-explanatory, if you want to search the site’s history or comments for a term/player, just type that term into the text box and click enter.
  5. I’ve made some recent additions to the The 6th Sens website directory on the right-hand side of the page. Apparently, I’ve maxed out the number of Senators websites that I can list. In other words, if you want your site listed in the future, you’ll have to meet some criteria (talent, frequently updated, etc.). If you can prove that, I may have to bump someone else from the list via some friendly competition.
  6. In regards to the comments after pieces, I’ve noticed that people aren’t responding as frequently as they used to at our old website. Anyways, to clarify matters — You do not need to register at Bloguin to leave a comment. You can still leave anonymous comments that protect your identity, so have at it.

Also, if you have any suggestions, concerns or suggestions, please don’t hesistate to fire us an email.