Welcome to Our Humble Abode

Well, we finally did it. Tim and I now have a place that we can call our own and it’s because of you, the readers, that this could be possible.

From the onset of our site, we’ve always believed in building a community for our readers and we believe that an amalgamation with Bloguin can help us fully realize that goal. Our new site allows us to implement some exciting new features that we believe can augment your 6th Sens experience. But before I describe the new features, it’s important to pay homage to some very important people.

First, we’d like to thank the guys from Bloguin for extending us the opportunity to join their network. It’s through their hard work and patience that this site has been realized.

Next, we’d like to thank Dylan Mason-McLernon, the winner of our design contest, for our new logo. If you need any graphical or design work done, we highly recommend Dylan. To contact him or view samples of his work, check out his site. Here’s his description of the concept behind our logo:

The premise behind this logo is the relationship between intuition, time and sport. When a scout is looking at a prospective player he has to project in his mind what that player will be like a few years down the road. Graeme and Tim are much the same as scouts, the assess our team, from management through to the players and base their opinion on a lot of logic, but also a certain amount of intuition.

A symbol that has always stuck out to me and is a favourite part of my old school black Senators Jersey, is the Ottawa Peace Tower. It’s relationship with our team, the city of Ottawa and the fact that it represents one of the main themes I was looking to relate with in this logo made it a perfect choice as a symbol.

In building the tower I wanted to create a relationship between the words 6th Sens and the architecture of the tower. I stylized the top of the tower using edgy hand made typography, it’s a little more difficult to dicern that the tower makes up 6th, as it becomes more an image, and less words, but I felt it added to the intuitive feeling of the authors and their site. The 6 itself creates the peak of the tower, where our Canadian flag flies proudly, also rounding into the clock of the tower which reads 6 o’clock, being intersected with the stroke of the puck flying by the 6 also becomes the “t” in “th”. The “h” is created by the right hand stroke of the tower peak and the intersect of the puck tail as the puck rifles past.

The word “Sens” makes up the remainder of the tower. This hand made typography is very logical, much like the dicerning mind of a hockey writer, trying to make sense of a team in order to write about it. The bottom is fashioned to imitate the architectural structure of the peace tower and it adds stability to the top of the tower in this image.

The amalgamation of  “Intuition, Time and Sport”, this mark (logo) represents “The 6th Sens”. It represents what I believe “The 6th Sens” are all about —  A stable (even if somewhat cynical), logical and sometimes quirky (intuitive) outlook on our beloved team, the Ottawa Senators. Definitely good for continous reading, and debate.

Alright, now onto the exciting part. The new features.

The Forum:

Like any good hockey site, Tim and I wanted to encourage more fan interaction and discussion. We believed the easiest way to facilitate this would be to to implement a forum that will allow our readers to interact and communicate with each other. The forum will be open to all readers but to publish material, you will have to register with Bloguin. With the creation of the forum comes the necessity of finding moderators for it. If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, please contact us.

Follow Us:

If you look at the right-hand side of the main page, you’ll notice a Follow Us section at the top. Underneath it are logos for Twitter and Facebook. By clicking on the individual logos, you’ll be taken to our respective pages.

The Store:

Tim and I have always been interested in opening up a store and we figured that opening one to coincide with the site launch would be a good idea. Thanks to our friend Barry, we’ve come up with some unique designs that we think Sens fans will enjoy and we plan on adding some more designs soon. If you want to spread word of our site and want to wear some rare Sens apparel, be sure to get your 6th Sens swag today.


As part of our initiative to build a community, it was essential to ease the process for our readers to get in touch with us. Instead of having to open your own personal email accounts to email us at the6thsens [at] live.com , you can now correspond with us by entering some information directly into the boxes in the contact section in the About menu. Tim and I encourage you readers to send us any ideas/suggestions/PhotoShopped images/pictures/comments/rumors/analysis/etc.