The 6th Sens Mailbag — Email/Discussion of the Day


I have one point I thought worth mentioning on the topic of 2nd round raft picks. I have seen the same argument before that few of these guys play a full season in the NHL. The usual conclusion is that 2nd round draft picks aren’t worth a whole lot. I think this is the wrong way of looking at things. I think the only real conclusion we can draw from this is that most general managers are shitty drafters.

I think Murray is a good drafter (at least his current record looks promising). With that said, I think a 2nd round pick is worth more in the hands of Murray than the GM from Atlanta, Florida, Phoenix, etc. I just thought this was worth considering in regards to the two recent trades. ~ Tim, H.

That’s a fair point and it’s something that’s often mentioned when discussing Bryan Murray’s strength as a General Manager — his ability to draft well. In the past, he’s drafted Ruslan Bashkirov (2007), Patrick Wiercioch (2008), Robin Lehner and Jakub Silfverberg (2009) respectively with his second round picks. The latter three of which are generally highly regarded as future cogs of this team.

Why not play to his strengths?

Based off the move, I can only assume that he and his scouting staff are either down on this year’s class of amateur prospects, or they feel that the Senators have a legitimate opportunity to advance in the postseason. I suppose there’s also an opportunity for the organization to flip some depth players at the end of the season to recoup some draft picks.

I’m curious as to how the majority of The 6th Sens readership feels though, so I’ve put up a poll on the right hand side of the page and I’d appreciate some comments and discussion below.