Colton “Ain’t No Bobby” Orr

Dear Colton,

Your celebratory actions after your fight with Matt Carkner were unnecessary and over the top.


The Chris Neil Raise the Roof Celebration

PS – It wasn’t even your home game asshole!


Mor(e)on Orr

Remember when the Leafs/Senators games actually meant something to all of the involved parties? Me neither. When the biggest lead-in story to a hockey rivalry is three staged fights and three punches, you know the rivalry is troubled. Right now, it has the intensity of a Filip Kuba bodycheck. Things are so bad, that even though the game is over, all people are talking about is the faux-fight wrestling match that took place on Saturday night.

There is this misconception though. The media and bloggers keep perpetuating this belief that Orr’s three-finger victory celebrating was to indicate the scorecard in the Carkner vs. Orr rivalry. Orr was already ahead in the head-to-head fights with an indisputable 2-1 record. Fortunately for Carkner, last night’s tilt would have gone to the scorecards. If this were boxing, Carkner would have won because it’s all about making money by setting up the rematch.

In retrospect, Orr should have knocked Carkner out. Orr was fresh off of the bench, Carkner was at the end of the shift. The circumstances were ideal for a KO. Instead, it goes to the cards and the fight’s 2-2 and Orr can’t duck the next fight by asking for blood testing the night before the next fight.

So with the boxing scorecards giving Carkner the nod, here’s a list of things that Carkner could have been alluding to with his three-finger salute last night:

  1. He was reminding Leafs fans of how many General Managers the organization has endured since their last playoff appearance.
  2. Colton Orr counts how many years the Leafs have to wait for their next 1st round draft pick after a fight with Matt Carkner. ~ Tim, The 6th Sens Twitter
  3. “He was probably celebrating because he had three shifts in the game or something.”~ Matt Carkner
  4. He was reminding Leafs fans of how many years were left on his contract.
  5. He was simply indicating how many times he has repeated grade six.
  6. His math was off, it’s been more than 3 decades since the Leafs last won a Cup.
  7. Three would be a new career high in goals for Orr.
  8. He was providing the over/under threshold for the number of wins that the Leafs would get over the remainder of the schedule.
  9. He was only referring to the fact that he wanted to be the third guy on his team — Komisarek & Phaneuf — to hook up with Elisha Cuthbert.
  10. Unhappy with his ice-time, Orr was just sticking it to Ron Wilson and indicating the number of goals that Canada needed to beat the US.